The Warriors Among Us

There are sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs, according to Chris Kyle, the American Sniper. He learned that from his dad.  95% of men are sheep.  1% are wolves.  The 4% who keep the wolves at bay are sheepdogs.  Chris Kyle was a sheepdog, ne plus ultra.

Cops are supposed to be sheepdogs, and most of them are.  The American armed forces are loaded with sheepdogs, and they are very, very good at what they do.  They are so good that we need very few of them.  They are part of the Department of Defense, not the Department of War.  And the actual defense of this country, this continent, and this hemisphere doesn’t require a large land force.  The United States Navy, Air Force and Space Force can keep those who would do us harm far, far away.

President Trump is being criticized by some military brass because he refuses to go to war in the Middle East.  These men are true sheepdogs, and there are a lot of wolves loose in that part of the world.  And a lot of innocent sheep.  Their every instinct is to join the fight, and kill the damn wolves.  It’s their profession, their life.  It’s easy to understand their frustration.

But there are sheep and wolves all over the world, and sometimes the sheepdogs lose control, and sheep are killed.  It’s a great tragedy, but life is full of tragedy.  Americans are about 4% of the world’s population.  We simply can’t take responsibility for all that goes on in the world.

Sheepdogs like Chris Kyle are respected by men, and admired by women.  Everybody feels safer when a sheepdog is around.  In this country a lot of sheepdogs carry concealed weapons.  Any man who takes it upon himself to protect others, and to take on the bad guys, has some sheepdog in him.  There are only so many real sheepdogs in any country.  Let’s keep ours here at home.

Fritz Pettyjohn represented a black man named Leroy Hunnicutt in a first degree murder trial in Anchorage, Alaska in 1977.  Leroy was charged with killing Alfonzo Green, a gambler, drug dealer and pimp, on the streets of Fourth Avenue.  The evidence against Leroy was overwhelming, but the judge threw out the case after the prosecution rested.  He knew Leroy was a sheepdog, and Alfonzo was a wolf.




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