Touchy Canadians

Some years ago a Canadian sportscaster (hockey, natch) put out a video in which he intended as a paean to Canadianess.  He talked, vehemently, about all the things that were Canadian, and not American.  The one I remember is the use of the term “zed” to describe the letter z.  He was very emphatic about that.   It meant a lot to him.  The video went viral, which is how I heard about it.

To me, everything in it was trivial.  The guy was trying way too hard, to make a big deal out of a distinction that is pretty small.  But a lot of Canadians loved it, so he hit a nerve.  I think there are a lot of western Canadians, especially, who are sick of what the national government has become, and want out.  But I don’t think very many of them want statehood, which would mean becoming Americans.

My previous post was in today’s American Thinker, and I was encouraged by the thoughtful comments, many of them from Canadians.  But I was chastised for saying I never met a Canadian who wanted to be an American.  There are some, I guess.  I just don’t think very many.

I grew up in Richmond, California, and went back to Wilton, Minnesota in the summer.  When I was nine or ten I was taking in money at a booth at the County Fair in Bemidji.  This man handed me a Canadian dollar bill, and I refused to accept it.  He got very upset with me, and told me a Canadian dollar was worth more than an American.  Which, at the time, was true.  I figured he was Canadian, and didn’t like having some kid disrespect his money.

I thought at the time that he was a little overly touchy, and figured it was because he was a Canadian.  Maybe times have changed.  But I doubt it.  A Commonwealth, yes.  Statehood, no.

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