The Warriors Among Us

There are sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs, according to Chris Kyle, the American Sniper. He learned that from his dad.  95% of men are sheep.  1% are wolves.  The 4% who keep the wolves at bay are sheepdogs.  Chris Kyle was a sheepdog, ne plus ultra.

Cops are supposed to be sheepdogs, and most of them are.  The American armed forces are loaded with sheepdogs, and they are very, very good at what they do.  They are so good that we need very few of them.  They are part of the Department of Defense, not the Department of War.  And the actual defense of this country, this continent, and this hemisphere doesn’t require a large land force.  The United States Navy, Air Force and Space Force can keep those who would do us harm far, far away.

President Trump is being criticized by some military brass because he refuses to go to war in the Middle East.  These men are true sheepdogs, and there are a lot of wolves loose in that part of the world.  And a lot of innocent sheep.  Their every instinct is to join the fight, and kill the damn wolves.  It’s their profession, their life.  It’s easy to understand their frustration.

But there are sheep and wolves all over the world, and sometimes the sheepdogs lose control, and sheep are killed.  It’s a great tragedy, but life is full of tragedy.  Americans are about 4% of the world’s population.  We simply can’t take responsibility for all that goes on in the world.

Sheepdogs like Chris Kyle are respected by men, and admired by women.  Everybody feels safer when a sheepdog is around.  In this country a lot of sheepdogs carry concealed weapons.  Any man who takes it upon himself to protect others, and to take on the bad guys, has some sheepdog in him.  There are only so many real sheepdogs in any country.  Let’s keep ours here at home.

Fritz Pettyjohn represented a black man named Leroy Hunnicutt in a first degree murder trial in Anchorage, Alaska in 1977.  Leroy was charged with killing Alfonzo Green, a gambler, drug dealer and pimp, on the streets of Fourth Avenue.  The evidence against Leroy was overwhelming, but the judge threw out the case after the prosecution rested.  He knew Leroy was a sheepdog, and Alfonzo was a wolf.




Trump and the generals

Our Army generals are panicking.  Their vocation, their whole way of life is under threat.  The future of the United States Army as a ,major fighting force may not survive.  President Trump isn’t going to give them any wars to fight.  And he’s going to shut down the ones they’re currently fighting.  In the not too distant future, a substantial downsizing of the Army will take place.  The Navy will be the winner.  Along with the Air Force and the Space Force.

We’ll keep our airborne divisions, Marines and Special Forces, of course.  Their mission is to go in, do a job, and get out.  Any American President should always have that capability at their disposal.

But the infantry is a different proposition.  American infantry is designed as an overseas expeditionary force, and an occupying force if need be.  It’s not designed for use here at home in the USA.  It’s not needed.  We have a Navy and an Air Force to keep the bad guys away.  We haven’t been invaded since 1814, and we never will be again.  We don’t need an infantry.

Unless, of course, we have to send it overseas, to fight on foreign soil, for the defense of some other country.  But Donald Trump doesn’t believe in those kinds of wars, and neither do the American people.  We never have.

We fought the Germans in the first European Civil War of the 20th century because they attacked our ships at sea.  That was an act of war, and we responded accordingly.  We fought them in the second European Civil War because they were led by a madman, who declared war on us.  But Americans will not stand for their sons and daughters to be sacrificed in a third European Civil War.  NATO or not.

We didn’t want to fight in the Korean Civil War, or the Vietnam Civil War.  We lost 80,000 men in those wars.  We lost 3,800 in Iraq, and so far have lost 1,800 in Afghanistan.  The American people, left, right, and center, are sick of it.

We’re not pacifists, and if our national interest is threatened we’ll support a war.  When Iraq invaded Kuwait, our access to Middle East oil was threatened, and we had no choice but to respond.  We lost 149 brave patriots in that fight, and we honor their service.  But we went in, kicked ass, and left.  That kind of war we can live with.

But we need not ever send our infantry overseas again.  We don’t need that Mideast oil anymore.  We don’t need anything that we’ll have to fight a war for.

We’ll fight to defend our maritime allies, who are our partners in ruling the oceans of the world.  We’ll fight for freedom of the seas.  But there’s nothing on the landmass of Eurasia, or Africa, that we need to fight over.

That’s the real reason the generals are angry with President Trump.  He wants peace, and he’s going to get it.


Fritz Pettyjohn studied Alfred Thayer Mahan as a Midshipman in the UC Berkeley Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1962-63.


Trump’s Dollar Diplomacy

(An edited version appears in today’s American Thinker.  Unfortunately, the last line was taken out.)

The United States has Turkey by the balls, economically.  It doesn’t take much pressure to get the Turks’ attention.  That’s why Turkey is making nice.  They have no choice.

Eisenhower used the same tactic in 1956 with Britain and France.  They were warring on Egypt, trying to steal the Suez Canal.  The economic sanctions he threatened were enough for them to call the whole thing off.

FDR used a similar tactic with the Japanese, cutting off their oil imports from the US, and forcing them to either back off in Manchuria or go to war.  They unwisely chose war.  Bad decision.

The Mexican government decided to cooperate with us in border enforcement because they had no choice.  President Trump has the power to bring their economy to its knees.

This is the 21st century method of choice in American foreign policy.  Don’t use military force.  Use economic carrots and sticks.  Sticks if you’re bad, carrots if you’re good.  If the Norks ever do come around, it will be the allure of the carrot (economic development) as much as the pain of the stick (sanctions).

Now that the western hemisphere is energy independent, it can get along just fine without the rest of the world.  As a result, the United States is a great power without vital interests abroad.  We can pick and choose when we will engage with the world.  It will always be on our terms, and in our interest.

North and South America are islands, in the geopolitical sense.  The other island, maritime, nations of Britain, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are allied with us in ruling the oceans, and thus the commerce, of the world.  Any attack on them is an attack on us.  We fought World War One for freedom of the seas, and we’ll fight again for the same cause.

Beyond that, our interest in the conflicts of the world is discretionary.  President Trump intervenes with Turkey in order to prevent a humanitarian disaster, and to keep ISIS confined.  You don’t have to put young Americans in harm’s way to do it.  Nancy Pelosi doesn’t comprehend any of this.  In foreign affairs, she has the innocence of a child.

In the third grade.

Drudge finally got a girl friend

Matt Drudge has a number of things going for him, but he’s never been a hit with the ladies.  He’s not an attractive man, and has never married in his 52 years.

His website, the Drudge Report, has just recently undergone a radical transformation.  All of a sudden, it’s an all out attack Trump platform.  V.P. Pence cut a deal with Turkey yesterday, which will hopefully avoid a bloody war in northern Syria.  Drudge hasn’t mentioned it.  This is astonishing.  The DR is always right on top of the latest news.

There’s only one explanation.  Drudge has a girl friend, and in order to keep her he has to be all in on Never Trump.  That’s her politics, so that’s his politics too.

He’s pussy whipped, plain and simple.

Trump will set the terms of debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has set its dates for the 2020 election.  But the Commission has lost all credibility and is no longer useful.  In 2012 it selected Democratic partisan Candy Crowley as a moderator.  She successfully bullied Mitt Romney into submission, and may have cost him the election.  In 2016 uberliberal Anderson Cooper was a moderator, “balanced” by Chris Wallace of Fox News.  With this kind of track record, President Trump has no reason to cooperate with the CPD.

He’ll want debates, though.  They will give him the chance to expose the radical agenda of the Democrat to the widest possible audience.  But if the Democrat refuses to cooperate, and insists on CPD involvement, there won’t be any debates.  The elections of 1964, 1968 and 1972 were held without them.  The republic survived.

Trump knows television, and he will only agree to a format which suits him.  Each candidate could choose a co-moderator, who can then agree to a third, compromise choice.  Trump may want Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity.  The Democrat has the entire fake media to choose from.  Trump was forced to play defense against Clinton in 2016.  2020 will be a different ball game.

“Are you better off than you were four years ago” was a great line for Reagan in 1984.  Count on Trump to come up with something even better.