They’ll never get to Trump

Trump is impervious to the attacks against him.  They have no effect on him.  He has the hide of a rhinoceros.  And since they aren’t going to be able to impeach him, as President he is legally untouchable.  Given the economy, and the field against him, he fully expects to win a second term, and only a fool would bet against him.

The only way they can get to him is through his family.  He’s admitted that impeachment is taking its toll on some in his family.  More likely than not, he means his wife and young son.  But it won’t kill them.  It will only make them stronger, and bring them closer together.

The impeachment story started out as sensational.  It’s become boring.  Before long it will be a laughingstock.

Donald J. Trump, the only President who drove his opponents stark raving mad.

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