The resistance stalls

It’s normal for a newly elected President to lose Congressional seats in their first midterm.  Reagan in ’82, Clinton in ’94, Obama in 2010, and Trump in 2018,  all got shellacked.  All won, or will win, reelection, Reagan in a landslide.  It’s part of the normal ebb and flow in recent Presidential history.

The opponents of a newly elected President push back after losing the election, and they counterattack, and meet success.  But at reelection time the voters will have had four years to see how the President has performed, and they base their vote on that record.  Presidents who have delivered peace and prosperity always prevail.

The Democrats are in political quicksand.  They’re going down, and the more they struggle, the worse it gets.  They’ve lost judgement, they’re making terrible mistakes, and they can’t seem to help it.  They’re setting themselves up for an epic fail.

It may be that the political tide that began with the 2014 congressional election, which stalled in 2016, will come back in force, giving the Republicans in Congress an historic victory in 2020.  I wouldn’t bet against it.

The impeachment hearings in the House are already fading from the public mind.  Christmas in 22 days away.  People are busy with their own lives.  They’ve tuned out.

And so it will end, not with a bang, but a whimper.




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