The Big Sort rolls on

Writing in the New Criterion, the always thoughtful James Pierson worries that we may no longer be able to remain one nation.  For at  least 20 years Americans have been sorting themselves out.  Books have been written documenting this fact.

This is all accelerating.  People no longer feel comfortable living among those with whom they disagree. There’s Trump country and there’s NeverTrump country, and they don’t really like each other.

If we intend to remain politically united, the solution is the revival of federalism, and the relative autonomy of the states.  Let California be California, and let South Dakota be South Dakota.

Will the progressive left ever buy into this?  They must if it is to happen.  Much of the left despises the ruling elite in Washington.  Its corruption is alienating all Americans.  If left and right can unite to fight it, we could unite to strip it of much of its power.  That’s the promise of the Coalition to Reform Congress, left and right cooperating to pass reform amendments using Article V.

It’s a big dream.  In 2020 it will either begin to happen, or not.  It seems like a good year to start.  It just seems like it will be a very good year.  The omens are there, if you look for them.

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