Yang for President

Slippery Joe Biden endures as frontrunner, and has a 35% chance of winning the nomination (538.com).  How can such a weak candidate sustain that position for an entire year?

Not enough people have been paying attention.  Most people aren’t that interested, and haven’t given any thought to the Democratic field..  As long as Slippery Joe can just slide along he’ll keep his lead.  Impeachment alone is a big enough distraction, to say nothing of Iran and China.

But at some point people will pay attention, and then he’ll fold like a two dollar suitcase.  Warren and Sanders are leftist extremists, Democrat versions of Barry Goldwater.  They’ll lose in November, like Goldwater did, big time.

Which leaves who?  That’s what will be decided in the next few months, or, preferably, a lot longer.  The longer, the better.

Bloomberg, Buttigeig , Yang and Klobuchar.  It’s going to be one of the four of them.  I’ve got a Yang bumper sticker on my car.  He’s an Article V man, the only one.  If he started talking about Article V, it would give him a political identity, which he now lacks.

His hats say “SMART”.  Let’s see if he is.


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