The Greatest Game in the World

That’s what I call American presidential politics.  It’s a game where the stakes couldn’t be any higher  —   who will be the leader of the United States of America, and thus the world?  I’ve been closely observing the game for 60 years, or 15 elections.  For me, this is like a pennant race, a super bowl and a Kentucky Derby all rolled into one.

With less than ten months until the election, and mere weeks away from Iowa, the Democratic field has narrowed to four, according to    This is a site to visit daily, from here on in.  Nate Silver and his gang know their business.  In 2016 Silver called the presidential race correctly.  He said Trump could win if he pulled an inside straight.  Which Trump proceeded to do.

538 has Biden with a 39% shot at the nomination, Sanders 21%, Warren at 14%, and then Buttigeig with a 9% chance.  Nobody else is close.

Sanders and Warren are far left radicals, left of any nominee in history.  Biden is an old fool, steeped in the corruption culture of the swamp.  Buttigeig is just an odd duck straight out of Mad magazine.

Since this is the best the Democratic Party has on offer, it’s a dying institution.  And who slayed it?


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