Bernie bros and the Goldwater guys

I identify with the Bernie bros, because I was a Goldwater guy back in 1964.  Barry, like Bernie, was more than a presidential candidate.  He was a leader of a political movement.  I was a movement conservative, and the movement was what mattered.  We knew we couldn’t beat Johnson, but no Republican was going to beat the political heir of the martyred John F. Kennedy less than a year after his assassination.

To us, that really didn’t matter.  We were in it for the long haul.  Not just one election cycle.  As a movement, our goal was to take the Republican party away from the fat cat, East Coast, Wall Street establishment.

Sound familiar?  That’s exactly what the Bernie bros want to do.  The Clinton/Obama/Biden Democratic party, the Congressional and establishment Democratic party, is thoroughly corrupt.

Bernie’s not corrupt.  He’s an idealist, a true believer.  And that’s why he’s going to win the nomination, and take over his party.

Just like my first and favorite political hero, the great Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona did, back in 1964.  The man who set the stage for the Reagan Revolution.  The Revolution that Trump is only now bringing to fruition.

Maybe 56 years from now, we’ll get a President to enact Bernie’s agenda.  I sure as hell won’t be around to see it.  But some of the Bernie bros would.

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