It’s Bernie or Bloomberg

You give any competent political professional an unlimited budget, and he can run enough attack ads to do serious damage to a political opponent.  Mike Bloomberg isn’t just rich, he’s smart.  He earned that money.  And he’ll hire the finest political assassins available.

Bloomberg is 77, and he intends to give away half his wealth, and has already given $8 billion.  There is no limit to what he can spend.  And his Democratic rivals will soon find themselves under assault.

This isn’t “dirty politics”.  Everything in these ads is going to be true.  Personal attacks, like Pocahontas, will be off limits.  The truth is all the ammunition you need.  Skillfully rendered, of course.

Biden is toast, so nothing need be done with him.  The easy mark will be Buttigieg.  He’s really got no business running for President, and the former mayor of New York City can easily contrast himself with the thirty-something former mayor of South Bend.

Warren will be next.  Her platform is ludicrous, and can be characterized as a reckless assault on the economic well being of the country.  Proposed by a creature of the Harvard faculty lounge.  Out of touch, and uninformed.

Bernie will be the last, and in some ways the easiest target.  At that point we’ll find out if the Democratic nomination can be bought by a New York billionaire.

I think not, and Bernie’s the nominee.


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