How Bernie won it

Sanders is having the Democratic nomination handed to him.  The field is so weak, he seems strong in comparison.

Bernie’s first big break came at the Feb. 7th CNN debate.  At the time, Sanders, at 22.7%, still trailed Biden in the national polling averages.  Warren was a strong third, with 15%.

Then Warren and the CNN reporter ganged up on Bernie, jointly accusing him of lying about saying a woman couldn’t win.  It was a set up, and that hit on Sanders was such a cheap and dirty shot it backfired.  Immediately after the debate Warren went down to 12%, and Bernie shot into the  lead with 28.6%, a lead he has never relinquished.

Then in yesterday’s NBC debate we had the destruction of Bloomberg , the one candidate the betting markets thought had a shot at beating Bernie.  Bloomberg showed himself to be unelectable.  All the king’s horses and all the king’s men aren’t going to put Bloomberg back together again.  So right now the bettors are giving Bernie close to an even shot at the nomination.  

A Democratic Party led into a national election by an honest to God, self declared socialist!  My God, this could be big, really big.

This could be a realignment election, a once in a generation event, similar in importance to FDR’s win in 1932.  That election led to an entire generation of Democratic rule, from ’32 to ’52.

I can see it happening.  Trump looks like he’ll be doing at least two rallies a week from now until November.  He doesn’t just want to beat Sanders.  He wants to crush him.

Sanders, and socialism, need to be repudiated by the American electorate.  Only then can there be a return to sanity in the Democratic party.

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