Trump looks to the future in India

There are close to 3 million immigrants from India in this country.  From 1980 to 2010, they increased eleven-fold, roughly doubling every decade.  I suspect a lot more will be coming soon.

It looks like the Republicans will win the House, and one of the things President Trump will insist on in 2021 is a rational immigration policy – a policy that selects immigrants based on what they can be expected to contribute to their new country.  In immigration, as in all, it’s America First.

Canada has a relatively sane immigration policy, and Indians are the largest group to benefit, followed by Filipinos and Chinese.  We’re likely to have the same experience as the Canadians, and Asian-Americans, led by Indian-Americans, will soon be our fastest growing ethnic minority.

Seeing as how we’re going through a time of conflict with China, it’s good to be friends with a country with 1.3 billion people.  A lot of those people are very bright, speak English, and want to come to this country.  When they get here, Trump wants them to be Republicans, and he’s off to a good start.

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