The fix is in, so don’t bother to vote

There is a smell of filthy lucre floating about the Democratic party.  The money Democrats have spoken, and they want Biden nominated on the second ballot.

In one month, the chances of a brokered convention have gone from 17% to today’s 69% (according to  And a brokered convention is one in which the money boys say the big vote winner, Sanders, loses to the second place finisher, Joe Biden.  The bettors are now giving Biden a 47% chance of the nomination, up 20% in one day.  Money talks.

Unless.   There’s one thing that could blow this whole thing up, and that is Sleepy Joe.  He’s mumbled and ambled through the campaign so far, but it’s not hard to see how he could completely blow it.  That’s what I’ve been expecting to happen, and it still may.

But if not the Bernie Bros may be mightily upset in Milwaukee come July.  And I doubt they’d take it lying down.  That’s the real drama that could nail down a Trump landslide.


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