Step up, Cuomo

It’s time for Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the de facto leader of the Democratic party, to take the next bipartisan step toward economic recovery.  The stimulus bill is not enough.  In addition, we need to spend a trillion dollars on critically needed infrastructure improvement.  New York’s needs, in particular, are urgent.

On Wednesday Sleepy Joe Biden declared for an infrastructure bill, pointing out that, “It’s a way to generate growth”.  But his idea of infrastructure is the Green New Deal, an environmental boondoggle.

New York, like the rest of the country, doesn’t need windmills.  It needs $150 billion for mass transit, railroads, airports, highways, bridges and tunnels.

Cuomo needs to ask President Trump to sit down with him and put together a plan to help New York.  If Cuomo leads, other Governors, and the Democrats in Congress, will follow, and the next step toward economic recovery can be taken.

Cuomo, and the Democrats, must swallow their pride and give Trump what he’s always wanted, a chance to build.  It’s what he knows, does, and enjoys the best.

This may help Trump get reelected.  But political considerations cannot guide policy in a war, or a crisis.  We’re all in this together.  And if we can get out of this recession quickly, there will be plenty of credit for all.



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