Getting to 38

No one should serve more than 24 years in Congress.  Pelosi serving her 17th term.  That’s too long.  She needs to go.  McConnell has been in the Senate for 36 years.  He needs to go.

I believe there will be another Convention of States in 2021.  This one will be dedicated to political reform.  Any idea that has the support of 38 states would be fashioned into a constitutional amendment, which would then be passed by the states using Article V.  One idea would be limiting congressional terms to 24 years.  Including current incumbents.  Pelosi and McConnell would have to go.

There are some worthwhile reforms which would have a hard time getting to 38, and term limits of any kind are one of them.  A line item veto?  Tough to get to 38, when so many states are on the federal tit.

Some kind of campaign finance reform might appeal to both sides of the aisle.  Or how about adopting, nationally, initiative, referendum, and recall?  Power to the people.  Democrats are for that, right?  Why shouldn’t the people have the right to recall a Congressman?

A national initiative or referendum could require the application of 26 state legislatures.  Recall of Congressmen be a state responsibility as well.

Lots to talk about in the summer of 2021.

2 thoughts on “Getting to 38

  1. Fritz… In your article below you said: “I believe there will be another Convention of States in 2021.” What gives you that belief?  When you say “another”, what other one are you referring to?  I hope you are right about a convention of states in 2021. Your friend,Stu

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