Biden will pick the Democratic nominee

Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination, but he won’t be able to keep it.  Does anyone remember seeing a serious presidential candidate like him?  He’s losing his mind, and would be a catastrophic candidate.  To allow him to leave gracefully, he should be allowed to formally accept the nomination at the August Convention, and to pick his woman running mate.  When he withdraws, that Vice Presidential candidate will replace him, and pick her own running mate.

So for the second cycle in a row, the Democrats will offer a woman as their choice for President.  Whoever she is, she won’t be disliked and distrusted as Hillary was.  So she’ll have a shot, and Trump will need all his skills to beat her.  She won’t really be the problem.  That’s the media, shamelessly in her corner, cheering her on, covering up any mistakes, and demonizing Trump.

I hope I’m wrong, and all the king’s horses and men are able to cover up Biden’s incapacity enough to at least make him plausible.  Or Biden resists, and has to be forced out.  Or Sanders demands the right to succeed Biden, since he came in number two.  There are a variety of ways the Democrats can screw this up.

I’ve participated, in one way or another, in fourteen Presidential elections, going back to 1960.  2020 is unlike any other election year, and as important as any.  We live in interesting times.

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