“As the Swamp Drains”

It could be a daily soap, like “As the World Turns”.  The star of the show is intrepid Attorney General Bob Barr, supported by a cast of patriotic lawyers.  Yes, there are such animals.  I’m one. It will unfold before us, day by day, for months and months, if not years.

The villains are familiar to all of us, and Comey, Brennan, Clapper etc. etc.  will all face justice, at least in the sense that they will all be publicly humiliated, and condemned by history, as partisan hacks who attempted to subvert the Constitution itself, engaging in a vast criminal conspiracy.  They were trying to cover up the crimes they had committed during the campaign.  It was an exercise in self preservation.  And more.

The real suspense in As the Swamp Drains is where it leaves Barack Obama.  Did he know of, and was he complicit in, the dirty tricks against the Trump campaign?  It looks as though he did, and this explains why such extraordinary measures were resorted to.  They were doing it to protect Obama.

I was a second year law student at UCLA when Watergate went down.  A liberal friend and I would read transcripts of the hearings in the Los Angeles Times, and try to make sense of it all.  I’ve learned since then that Watergate was a carefully orchestrated political coup, masterminded by “Deep Throat”, aka Mark Felt, the Associate Director of the FBI, who hated Nixon.

Russiagate is far more significant, and the crimes committed in the two cases don’t bear comparison.  This is, by far, the greatest political scandal in American history.

The most significant difference between Watergate and Russiagate is that the FBI got Nixon in Watergate, because there was an actual criminal predicate.  But the FBI didn’t get Trump with Russiagate.  Instead, they have set themselves up for a Congressional investigation, where the question will be asked, “Why do we even need an FBI, a federal police force?”

Good question.  No good answer.



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