Wyoming leads the way to virtuality

On Friday the Wyoming legislature convenes for a two day special session, and, I believe, will make some history.   As far as I know, no other state legislature has had a virtual session, where most participating members will not be present in the capitol.  They’ll be in their home towns.  They will meet in effect, but not in reality.  If all goes well, a precedent will have been set which can be repeated all over the country.

I was the House Minority Leader in the summer of 1987 when Gov. Steve Cowper called a special session to again take up a constitutional amendment to give Alaska Natives a preference in the taking of fish and game.  I was in Santa Barbara with my wife and three sons, and had to immediately fly back to Juneau for two days to once again kill this pernicious idea.  Too bad we couldn’t have met virtually, like Wyoming is doing.

If they succeed in Wyoming, it can also serve as a precedent for Conventions of States.  One of the proncipal obstacles to such conventions has been the difficulty of physically assembling the delegates from 50 far flung states.  No more.  Thank you, Wyoming.



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