The New York way

If you want to get ahead in a city of 8 million people, you have to be aggressive.  If you want to rise to the top, you may have to get belligerent, antagonistic.  And if someone pulls a knife, you pull a gun.

This is Donald Trump’s world, the way he’s lived his life, the way he campaigns.  We’re not used to seeing people like him in politics.  In politics, you’re supposed to be a nice guy.  A guy like Mitt Romney, a guy who’s too nice to fight.  Romney refused to attack Obama in 2012, because he didn’t want to come across as mean.  So he lost.

Then along comes Trump, a man who glories in ridiculing his opponents.  He goads them, taunts them.  He’s completely fearless, and loves to ridicule anyone who attacks him.

He now knows, for sure, if he didn’t before, that Barack Obama orchestrated the illegal surveillance of his campaign, and the attempted subversion of his presidency.  So he does what he always does, he goes on the attack.  By coining the term “Obamagate” he goads all the Democrats who hate him.

Barack Obama is no mere politician to the left.  He is an icon, and a saint.  As the first black man to be elected President, he has a unique status, and must be defended at all costs.  By calling the plot against him Obamagate, Trump throws a match in a room soaked with gasoline.  They’ve always hated him, but now their anger will reach new heights.

How dare he?  How can he belittle and smear our black messiah?  For this, he must be destroyed.  Trump derangement syndrome just became even more severe.  Any and all methods are now justified to destroy him.

A prudent politician would never do such a thing.  But Donald Trump is not a politician, and prudence is not his style.  That’s not the way they do it where he comes from.

So it’s not Trump vs. Biden.  Biden is just a stand in, running for Obama’s third term.  This election is now between Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

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