My liberal brothers in arms and George Soros

I had an interesting conference call today with the leaders of Wolf-PAC, which seeks an Article V convention to propose a campaign finance reform amendment.  I took them to task a bit on their failure to pass their resolution in any state in the last four years.  They have a lot more money than the BBA Task Force ever had, they have a real staff, they have thousands of volunteers, and their issue is just as popular, if not more so, than a balanced budget amendment.

After a lively exchange, the nature of the problem they’ve been having became clear.  It’s George Soros.  He, or his organizations, became actively involved in opposing any and all Article V efforts in 2015.  They singlehandedly stopped the BBA in Montana in 2015, and they were behind the rescission efforts in Maryland, Delaware and New Mexico.  Just as the BBA Task Force was getting some momentum, these three Democratic states, that had passed their BBA resolutions in the late 1970’s, passed resolutions rescinding the BBA.

There is no way Wolf-PAC should have failed for four straight years.  The people I talked to today understand the whole process, they have worked their butts off, and they’ve come up with nothing.

Common Cause has been their most prominent opponent.  Yes, the “good government” group is controlled by Dr. Evil, George Soros.  Though Common Cause is a big proponent of transparency, they hide the identity of their big donors.  They don’t want people to realize they’re a front for Soros.  What a bunch of whores.

Soros and his Common Cause puppets need to be exposed, and it is my intention to do it.  If they are not exposed, no Article V effort is going to get anywhere.  It can’t be on this blog, its reach is too limited.  I need to be on the radio again.  I’ll ask all of you to listen in.

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