Big Monday in Tennessee

On Monday, June 1st the Tennessee House is scheduled to take up HJR 809, which calls for an Article V Amendment Convention to propose a campaign finance reform amendment to the Constitution.  Things look good, thanks in larger part to the tireless efforts of Wolf-Pac volunteer Leah Lancaster.

I’ll be watching on my computer, and will be looking for faces I know.  Seven Tennessee legislators attended the 2017 Phoenix Convention of States, and they were all strong on Article V.  If the bill passes as expected, there may still be time to get it through the Senate.  Some work remains to be done there, but there’s a chance.

If Tennessee passes their bill, Wolf-pac will have won a major and timely victory.  Either way, the impressive team at Wolf-Pac is headed for some wins in 2021, and the Reagan Project is looking forward to pitching in.

I have to admit I was mistaken about the people at Wolf-pac.  They’re not a bunch of wild-eyed liberals.  I don’t know their politics, but I do know they are patriotic Americans who are not only dedicated to their country, but smart enough to figure out where Article V fits in.  They’ll be a good group to work with.

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