An open letter to the members of the Tennessee General Assembly

  1. HJR 809 is more than just an Article V Resolution.  It’s the occasion of a collision between the advocates of political reform, left and right, and the dedicated opponent of all American institutions, George Soros.
  2. Soros is sometimes misidentified as a Jew.  He’s no more of a Jew than Benedict Arnold was an American.  As a young man in Hungary under German occupation in World War II, he collaborated with the Nazis, and betrayed his own people, to save his own skin.  Perhaps it’s a sense of self-loathing that leads him to hate our country, which liberated Europe, and saved the Jews who had survived.
  3. But getting inside the head of George Soros would require the skills of a trained psychiatrist, and I’m not one of those. I just know it’s a dark and evil place.  He has no recognizable political philosophy.  It’s tempting to call him a nihilist, but that’s not quite accurate, since he has one core belief:  hatred of the United States, and all it stands for.
  4. If the tone of this letter is seems angry, it’s because of my anger toward George Soros for stopping me and my colleagues of the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, Bill Fruth in particular, in our campaign to get 34 state Article V resolutions for a BBA.
  5. Some of you remember Bill.  He came to you five or six years ago, escorted by Jim Brown of the NFIB.  He met with you individually, over the course of a week, and managed to sell you on Article V.  He was so effective that the BBA Article V resolution passed the Senate unanimously and had only three nays in the House.
  6. In 2015 Bill and I were in Missoula, working for passage of our BBA resolution.  Western Montana is one of the few places in this country with a strong following of the paranoid schizophrenics of the John Birch Society, co-founded in 1958 by Fred Koch, father of the Koch brothers.  They had us beat in House Judiciary, until Rep. Ellie Hill, a Democrat who was pushing Wolf-PAC’s resolution, rode to the rescue.  She and two of her Democratic colleagues gave us the votes to get out of committee.
  7. She then lined up ten of her Democratic colleagues to give us the votes needed to pass on the floor.  That’s when George Soros intervened.  One of his front groups got through to Democratic Governor Steve Bullock, and asked him to kill our bill.  He called Ellie and told her she had to back off.  The Democrats in the House Minority worked closely with Bullock, and had no choice but to comply.
  8. The following year Scott Sales, a hard core Bircher, became President of the Montana Senate, and any hope of passing our resolution there were gone for the next four years.  George Soros stopped us in Montana, and we never really recovered.  We couldn’t get to 34 without it.
  9. So now I’ve associated with Wolf-PAC.  I believe in campaign finance reform, just as I believed in a BBA.  But what I really believe in is Article V.  It’s our last best hope of reforming the grotesquely corrupt United States Congress.  Most of the Republicans there are as bad as the Democrats.  When they were first elected they were idealists, but they’ve been captured by the money and the power of what is aptly called the Swamp.
  10. Congress is unable to function because it is beholden to the special interests of the ruling elite.  It is incapable of reforming itself.  An intervention is needed, and the Framers of the Constitution placed that responsibility on us, the state legislators.
  11. Coincidentally, we are all witnessing another Soros project, rioting in the streets organized by Antifa.  Soros funds them, and here is the proof.
  12. I ask you, again, to vote for HJR 809.  Take a stand with George Mason, and against the enemy of your country, George Soros.
  13. Your colleague.
  14. Senator Fritz Pettyjohn, Alaska, retd.

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