Charles Koch and George Soros

Fred C. Koch was run out of the United States in the late 1920’s for patent infringement.  So he set up shop in the Soviet Union, and built 15 modern oil refineries for Joseph Stalin.  He later constructed one of the largest refineries in Hitler’s Germany.  It was one of the very few capable of producing the high octane fuel needed for fighter planes.

I guess he felt he needed to atone for his sins, so in 1958 he cofounded the John Birch Society, dedicated to opposing communist subversion.  Somehow this deeply stupid man became convinced that Article V of the Constitution was a threat to the very Constitution that contained it.  The man had no political sense.  He was a fool.

In 1966 he retired and handed his business over to his son Charles.  Charles Koch is every bit as dumb as his father.  He, too, believes Article V must never be used.  His money helps fund most of the conservative think tanks in Washington, and he makes sure none of them have anything to do with Article V.

Not content with opposing any and all efforts for basic political reform, he’s now partnered with George Soros to undermine American foreign policy toward Communist China.  The Quincy Institute is a Koch/Soros joint enterprise, and it spouts propaganda that looks like it came straight from Beijing.  Here’s the story from a recent edition of the Washington Free Beacon.

This is what the Reagan Project, and all other Article V organizations, are up against.  Vast wealth, wielded by idiots, arrayed against a small band of patriotic Americans.  But we’ll prevail, in the end, because we’ll have the American people on our side, once we get the word out.

And Koch and Soros will have something in common with another great villain of American history, the physician who conspired with John Wilkes Booth.  His name was Mudd, and theirs will be too.

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