Tennessee sagt neine, bitte

It’s been a while since I’ve been exposed to the runaway convention arguments.  Watching the debate on HJR 809 in the Tennessee House this morning was both depressing and infuriating.  These old, familiar distortions coupled with rampant paranoia are all it took to force sponsor Kelly Keisling to pull the bill from the floor.  Not a happy day.

The tone of the first letter I sent to the Republican members was scornful and insulting to anyone who believes the runaway myth.  It probably did the cause no good at all.  I was always a terrible politician.  I told the plain, unvarnished truth, and it makes some people uncomfortable.

Our most powerful weapon is an informed public, and talk radio is an excellent medium to inform them.  Right now, with the virus and the riots, no one would be interested.  But down the road that’s what I’ll be trying.

Despite the wealth of Dr. Evil and the Stupid Brothers, I believe Article V will be used in my lifetime.  Who knows, someone with some serious money may take an interest.  I’ll try to do my part.

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