Donald Trump and George Floyd have something in common.

(This appears in today’s American Thinker)

Not everyone in law enforcement is a good guy.  There are rogue cops, as every American now surely knows.  There are also rogue DA’s, rogue judges and rogue federal agents.  And sad to say we have to include lawless Attorneys General of the United States, lawless heads of the FBI, and traitorous CIA directors.  George Floyd died at the hands of a bad Minneapolis cop.  David Koresh and 75 Branch Davidians died at Waco in 1993 at the hands of the FBI and ATF.

The plot against Donald Trump is not horrific in the way brutal killings like George Floyd and Waco are.  In those cases, individual Americans were the victims.  In the plot to take down Trump we were all victims, because they were attacking the Constitution of the United States.

Justice will come to the killer of George Floyd, but the macho boys of the FBI and ATF never paid a price for Waco.  Are these agencies absolutely necessary?  Aren’t there ways to shift their assets to other parts of the federal government?  All the FBI really amounts to is investigators working for the Attorney General.  But with the arrival of the contemptible J. Edgar Hoover in 1924 the empire building began, and the FBI is now an institution in itself.

FBI heads seem to think they’re something special, and are independent of the President through whom they derive their only authority.  This confused, messianic thinking results in books like “A Higher Authority.” by James Comey.  Higher than what, the Constitution?  Higher than the duly elected President?

For his crimes against the law and the Constitution, James Comey should go to jail. He belongs there, right along with the killers of George Floyd and the Branch Davidians.

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