Why Kamala Harris is Biden’s VP

Joe Biden may be getting senile, but like all old pols he’s cunning.  He doesn’t want the call from Obama, the one telling him he’s got to step down.  The one replacement who works best is CA Gov. Gavin Newsom, a fresh, vigorous face, with none of Sleepy Joe’s baggage (or Cuomo’s) and the ability to excite the donors and the base.

If Harris is the VP pick, then she would have to go, along with Biden, if Newsom is the new pick for President.  Harris and Newsom are both from CA, and the Constitution prohibits such a ticket.  Harris will not want to go.  She’ll be the presumptive pick for Pres. in 2024 if she stays, and that’s what she really wants.

So Joe picks Harris, and she protects him from Newsom.

Could be.  Who knows?

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