You can’t handle the truth

Tucker Carlson of Fox News is a truth teller.  That makes a lot of people uncomfortable, and he’s losing advertisers as a result.  CBS News reports that T-Mobile and Papa John’s pizza have cut ties with Tucker, because, in my opinion, they’re cowards.  We have a lot of cowards in this country.

Speaking of cowards, Carlson reported yesterday that Republican senators voted for Elizabeth Warren’s motion in committee to require the pentagon to rename bases which are named for confederate generals.  No more Fort Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne.  Maybe they can name it Fort Nancy, in honor of the speaker.

Back when I had a radio show I found out that Levi’s had adopted a policy of discriminating against the Boy Scouts.  Back then, gays couldn’t be scoutmasters, and Levi’s was taking a stand for the gay community.  I urged my listeners, frequently, never to buy a Levi’s product.  To this day, I have never purchased a Levi’s item, of any kind.

As of today, I sure as hell will never switch to T-Mobile, and Papa John’s can take their pizza and shove it.

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