“How President Trump Just Won Reelection”

I’ve been writing articles for the American Thinker for five years, and I’m a big fan of their website.  While the quality and value of the articles they post vary wildly, they do have some very talented and perceptive people who post regularly.

Jeffrey Folks is the finest writer now contributing to AT, and his “How President Trump Just Won Reelection”  is one of his best efforts.  He draws the parallel between Bush and Katrina on the one hand, and Trump and George Floyd on the other.

In both cases, the President had nothing to apologize for.  But despite being innocent of fault, the Pansy President abased himself to the mob.  Conservatives, saw, were horrified, and realized this man was weak, without courage.    His remaining time in office was without any accomplishment.  The left hated him, and the right had been abandoned by him.

Trump, on the other hand, has stood his ground, and for that he has earned the full confidence and support of the silent majority of this country.

Folks doesn’t say this, but I will.  I’m expecting a landslide.  I expect it to be similar to 1968,  when the right got 57%, and the left 43%.  The right’s 57% was split between Nixon and segregationist George Wallace, while V. P. Hubert Humphrey got all the left’s 43%.  It’s remembered as a close race, but it wasn’t, philosophically.

Then, as now, there was a silent majority.  But unlike then, now that majority has only one candidate to vote for.

Trump will win, win big, and bring in Republican majorities in both Houses.  You’d think that would mean he’d have governing congressional majorities he could rely on.  But Republican or Democrat, Congress is a swamp of corruption, bought and paid for by special interests.  Until that swamp is drained, no President, not even Donald Trump, can get the reforms this country needs.


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