Driving your opponents crazy

There are groups of people in cities like Portland who have completely gone off the rocker.  These people are stone cold crazy.  I think it was the isolation that got to them.  All cooped up in their little apartments, with nothing to do but nurture your various pathologies.  They went nuts.

There is a whole lot of craziness going on in this country right now.  I think it’s infectious.  I think these people feed off each other.  The longer this goes on, the greater the rage that they feel.  It would be comical, except it’s very likely to end in serious bloodshed.

Unless.  Unless Attorney General Barr and the Department of Justice have the resources to put this fire out.  President Trump does not lack the will.  Let’s hope he has the means.

George Soros is a pathological America-hater, and he’s got some skin in this game.  I say charge him.  Even if there are holes in your case, an indictment would bring public attention to this sick, twisted man.

The media are beclowning themselves.  They’ve allowed the madness to infect them.  Their hatred of Trump has driven them over the edge, into a mockery of themselves.  They will never recover their credibility.

There are signs that Covid deaths have peaked, and started their slow decline.  If the downward curve resembles the upward one, this should all be over in November.

Just in time for what will really cause these people to lose it.  Trump in a landslide.

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