You’re fired? I don’t think so.

On just about any possible debate topic, Trump has a record he can brag about. And Biden has a record, or a position, which makes him vulnerable.

So no matter what the subject matter, it seems to me President Trump needs to, in order, 1) talk about the accomplishments of his first term, then 2) criticize the Biden position, and 3), in summation, explain why his election will produce a better outcome for the large majority of the American people.

When he debated Clinton four years ago, Donald Trump was a novice, untested in politics and government. A lot of people, myself included, didn’t know what to make of him. He’s learned a lot, and accomplished a lot. He should talk about what he’s learned, and how it has made him a better President.

A presidential debate is a joint, televised job interview. And when you’re hiring someone for a big job, you value experience, and past success.

That’s why Trump is not going to get fired.

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