Trump’s second term: no more Mr. nice guy

President Trump has been easy on Communist China, but I think that changes in 2021. Their virus not only killed more than 200,000 Americans and put him in the hospital, it ruined our economy and nearly cost Trump his reelection. I don’t think he’s going to let them get away with it.

The ultimate goal, necessarily unstated, is the overthrow of the Communist Party, and allowing the Chinese to decide how they should be governed. In the mean time, unfortunately, the long suffering people of China will have to bear the consequences of their rulers’ decisions.

If we wanted to, we could bring the Chinese economy to a screaming halt in a matter of weeks. China relies on maritime commerce. Raw materials are shipped in, and finished goods are shipped out. All maritime commerce in this world, including the free flow of oil, takes place at the sufferance of the United States Navy. One of its carrier battle groups is more powerful than all the world’s other blue water vessels combined.

The President doesn’t need to take such drastic steps as cutting off its oil to make China feel the pain. He has many arrows in his quiver, many weapons at his disposal.

And China is weak. Unleashing the virus was a sign of weakness, of desperation. China is on the slippery slope down, and the Communists who rule the country are aware of it.

Before they spread the virus, they were afraid of a second Trump term. Now they should be very afraid.

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