Every man wants to be a macho man

When I was a kid growing up around black and Mexican people I got to know a lot of them on a personal level. When I was 16 and got my car I used to go a liquor store in the black part of Oakland where a lot of young black guys used to hang out. They were in their 20’s and 30’s, 15-20 of them, leaning against the wall, drinking half pints of whiskey in brown paper bags.

Someone had told me these guys would buy you beer. So I got out of my car and walked up to one of them and asked him if he would buy me some. When he said yes I gave him a five dollar bill and asked for a six pack of Lucky Lager. I waited with all the other black guys while he went in to the store. I started saying something about baseball and Willie Mays, but these guys didn’t want to talk to me. My guy came out and handed me my six pack and my change. I thanked him, told him to keep the change, and drove off. From then on I never had any problem buying beer.

I worked in the fields of the central valley with a Mexican work gang when I was 15. I lasted half a day, and quit. Too much work. Those Mexican guys looked at me like I was a pussy. And, I guess, next to them, I was.

I could go on. When I was in law school I worked one summer in a food warehouse with a mostly black and Mexican work force. I got along pretty well with a few of the black guys, and I’d hang out with them after work. Watch TV, go to the Santa Anita race track. These were big, strong guys.

These Mexican and black men didn’t like pansy ass guys. If they made you out to be a man, you could be their friend.

So these guys respect a guy like Trump. He’s got balls, and they like that. So a fair number are going to vote for him. And not a whole lot dislike him enough to get them to do what they really don’t want to do: voter for that pansy ass old white man named Biden.

It’s these guys just like I used to know who are going to clinch it for Donald J. Trump.

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