A Drained Swamp Exposes the Evil that Lurked Below

The ruling elite is a vast swamp, and draining it is not the work of one year, or one administration. The swamp is so deep it will take a full generation to drain. As it empties out, things that had been submerged come into view. The closer we get to the bottom, the more that will be revealed.

We’ve really just begun. Trump’s first three years he was on defense, as the swamp fought to preserve itself. The tables turned a year ago, and in his second term the President will be unrestrained in his fight against all the forces aligned against him, and the American people.

The swamp will violently resist. They are in a life or death struggle with an implacable, relentless President of the United States. Trump doesn’t want to punish his enemies. He wants to destroy them. By any means necessary. He is a vengeful man, and he will not quit.

Domestically, the next four years will be a giant reality TV show, which I call “As the Swamp Drains.” It will feature prosecutors, defendants, witnesses, indictments, trials and sentencing. But there will only be one star in As the Swamp Drains: President Donald J. Trump, playing the role of a lifetime.

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