Biden has no mandate

If Biden wins, it will be because he’s not Donald Trump. Trump, personally, may be replaced, but his policies have been accepted by the American people. Biden has no claim to an agenda. To the extent he had one, it was rejected when Republicans kept the Senate, and made gains in the House.

Biden will accomplish nothing. Not only is the Senate against him, his own party is split between socialists and moderates. And he’s a lame duck from the day he’s sworn in. He barely staggered across the finish line this time. He’ll be lucky to be able to finish one term, much less run for another. Because Kamal Harris is such a leftist, she will not inherit the nomination in 2024. She’ll have to fight for it. And that fight will consume a Biden presidency, and tear the Democratic party apart.

Adding to his troubles is a five member majority on the Supreme Court to check any executive action which is unauthorized in the Constitution. And I think this court may have the courage to go on offense, and begin to reverse some of the previous rulings which have perverted our legal system. The area of administrative law is one obvious target. Biden and the Democrats can be put on defense.

You have to back aways, to 1976, for a comparison. Jimmy Carter won because President Ford was Nixon’s Vice President, and had pardoned Nixon for Watergate. So Carter had no mandate, other than to be honest with the American people. They didn’t think he would lie to them, so they elected him.

Biden looks to pick up one Senate seat. Carter didn’t pick up any. Carter gained one House seat, at least. Biden will lose six to ten. Carter was a one term wonder, as will be Biden.

For once in his life Trump needs to set his ego aside, and not seek office again. He’s a divider, not a uniter, and the Republicans need to be united to ever win again.

Fox News died on election night. People switched off in droves. In our house, we went over to a nature show. Conservatives in general, and Trump Nation in particular, need a news network to watch. Fox played that role for many years, but no more. Someone needs to start up a replacement. There’s a lot of money to be made if it’s done right.

And who’s better at TV than Trump? Creating a new force in the media, ready to go toe to toe with all the rest of them, is work that Trump would do well, and have a great time doing it. And there’s the money.

For 2024 I like Ron DeSantis. I can’t think pf anyone nearly as attractive as a presidential candidate. Plus, he’s Italian, and it’s about time we had a son of Italy in the White House.

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