Sen. Murkowski just left the Republican Party

In Alaska, thanks to Prop 2, there will be no Republican primary for the US Senate in 2022. Instead, the Republican nominee will be selected by delegates to the state convention. Lisa Murkowski can not win such an election, so she must run for reelection as an independent.

With the money at her disposal she’ll be able to buy her way into the four way general election. She’ll be opposed by the Republican, the Democrat and then some third party candidate. She thinks she’ll get into the final round of ranked choice voting by beating either the Democrat or Republican. In the final round she’d hope to get Republican votes against the Democrat or Democrat votes against the Republican.

Prop 2 was designed to give her this path of retaining her seat. It’s a very clever ploy, but it’s too clever by half. These people think they’ve got it all figured out.

We shall see about that.

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