The wit and wisdom of Jalmar Kerttula

Some time in the early 90’s Gov. Wally Hickel went on a trip outside during the session, and when he returned to Juneau he was loaded for bear. He had his aides scurry about the Capitol, rounding up as may legislators as they could find. When Hickel addressed them in his conference room, he read them the riot act.

Finishing his tirade, he said, “All you’re doing around here is f—ing the dog, just f—ing the dog. Well, that’s going to change. From now on we’re going to f— the cat!”

At that point Senator Jay Kerttula said to his neighbor, loud enough for all to hear, “I hear you can get clawed up pretty bad doing that.”

Jay Kerttula, 1928-2020 R. I. P.

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