As California goes, so goes the nation

It seems like long ago, but it’s only been eleven years since the last Republican wave election. In 2010, Republicans won seven Senate seats, 63 House seats, six governorships and 20 state legislative chambers. The big issue was Obamacare, a classic case of Democratic overreach.

There was a sign of what was to come from a deep blue state — Massachusetts. In August of 2009 Sen. Ted Kennedy died, and in January of 2010 an unknown Republican, Scott Brown, was elected to replace him. It was a warning to the Democrats, but they ignored it, ramming through Obamacare two months after Brown’s shocking win.

Next month a similar warning may emerge from the bluest state of all, California. If Gov. Gavin Newsom is recalled, it will be the portent of another Republican wave election. The Senate, the House, Governorships and state legislatures will all fall to the Republicans.

Elections are decided by who shows up to vote. Republicans, generally, are angry (about a whole lot of things) and will vote in droves. Democrats, other than the radical fringe, are dispirited. They came out in force in 2020, but only because they hated Trump. He’s not on the ticket in 2022, and, if they’re smart, Republicans in close races will do all they can to distance themselves from a man half the country despises. Not from Trump’s policies, but from him.

Naturally, Gavin Newsom is trying to inject Trump into the recall election. If he succeeds, he’ll motivate enough Democrats to win. If not, he’s toast.

Keep your eyes on California. As it goes, so goes the nation. If we can win in California, we can win anywhere.

In fighting Biden, DeSantis can’t lose

Recent events have fortified my belief that Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is the favorite for the Presidential election of 2024. He’s holding the line against Covid hysteria, and should win reelection next year in a landslide. When serious presidential polling begins 2023 he should leading Biden/Harris by a large margin.

I don’t think the numbers for former President Trump will look nearly as good. Half the country hates him, and always will. There are just too many people in this country who would never vote for him under any circumstance. DeSantis doesn’t have that problem, and would be an effective MAGA President. The Trump agenda without the Trump baggage is the winning combination.

Trump certainly doesn’t help himself by complaining that Republicans in Congress are making a mistake by giving Biden a win with the infrastructure bill. He looks impotent, and whining. In contrast, DeSantis as Governor of the third largest state in the union, can actually do things, instead of just talking about them.

DeSantis is a smart man, and he fully understands his situation. He’s emerging as the point man in opposition to the Covid madness. I expect him to take full advantage of the situation.

The Biden/Harris years are going to be depressing, but, thankfully, I see light at the end of them.