January 6, 2021, the day when Mike Pence assumed the leadership of the Republican Party

That’s the day Pence refused Trump’s angry demand that he throw out the electoral votes of states where fraud was suspected.

But the language of the 12th Amendment admits of no room for interpretation.  It confers no power on the Vice President, only the duty to count the electoral votes submitted by the states. This act is purely ministerial.  It allows for no discretion.

Crackpot lawyer Eastman was speculating, in his “legal” advice to Trump, about what might happen if Pence exceeded his authority and claimed a power he did not have.  It was simply a recipe for an attempt at a coup d’etat.

As President, Trump had a duty to follow the Constitution.  But he wasn’t interested in the Constitution.  He was interested in power, and in somehow avoiding the humiliation of having lost an election to a demented charlatan. 

Because of his ignorance of and indifference to the Constitution, Trump disgraced himself on January 6th, and proved himself unfit for service in political office.

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