Fighting the mask nazis with Irish democracy

I live in a part of California, the Sierra foothills, which has the culture of the Mountain West. This distinct American subculture extends north from northern Arizona and New Mexico all the way up to Alaska. It begins in western Colorado and includes the most easterly sections of Washington, Oregon and California.

But it’s still subject to the laws of California, so mask requirements are everywhere. I am a follower, not a leader, in this regard. If most people are wearing a mask, I do too. But if a significant minority are maskless, I take mine off.

I go to Walmart occasionally, and I’ve witnessed a trend, which has become a wave, of resistance. Big signs in front of the store say masks are required, per local law, but today, for the first time, almost no one had a mask on. Same thing, a little later, at Wells Fargo.

This is Irish democracy, or civil disobedience, and I think it’s gaining steam. In Alaska the election of Mayor Bronson was an early symptom. Glenn Youngkin’s recent win in Virginia is related.

This political wave is evidenced today Vermont Senator Leahy retiring. This is a surprise. He’s only 81, a spring chicken by Congressional standards.

What we’re witnessing is the beginning of a virtuous circle, as more Democrats retire, and more quality Republicans decide that 2022 is a great year to run.

It will be three years before we can vote Biden out of office, and he’ll do significant damage to this country in the mean time. But 2024 is shaping up as one of the great political wipeouts of all time. To me it looks like 1920. That election led to some badly needed reforms, including immigration law. 2024 is going to be so big that some great things are going to be possible, things that haven’t been possible in generations.

This why we’ll get good candidates for Congress. Big changes are coming, and who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

This is especially true in Alaska, and I intend to play a part in that play.

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