After 50 years, Fiscal Reform will come at last

From 2014 to 2018 it was possible for the Republican state legislatures to call for an Article V Amendment Convention without one Democrat vote. Since the 2018 election, that is no longer true. But by 2024, if current trends continue, it will be again.

At the moment there are Republican majorities in both chambers in 31 states. We should win the Minnesota Senate in 2022, getting us to 32.

In 2023 we should pick up the Virginia Senate, giving us 33. In the Republican landslide of 2024, we should win either Maine or Nevada. That’s 34.

I believe Mike Pence will be elected President in 2024, but as long as it isn’t Donald Trump — an avowed opponent of all Article V resolutions — the Republican in the White House will encourage the campaign to get the Fiscal Reform Amendment proposed at an Article V Convention, and ratified in his first term.

What started in 1975 will finally come to pass, and I am determined to see it.

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