That didn’t take long

Yesterday afternoon I was wondering what Joe Manchin’s West Virgnia voters were going to tell him when he went home for the Christmas recess. This morning, on Fox News Sunday, we got the answer.

Build Back Better is going nowhere, thanks to Joe Manchin. Biden is a failed President, and the next two elections, in 2022 and 2024, will be wipeouts of the Democratic Party. It will be so bad that it will somehow have to reconstitute itself be competitive.

Evolve, or die.

Republicans, meanwhile, will become the majority party. A lot of Asians, blacks, and especially Hispanics will not just vote against Democrats, they’ll become Republicans.

If demography is destiny, as we’ve been assured, it now may work for the Republicans.

[All of the foregoing is on the assumption that Trump will not be the nominee in 2024. Of that, I’m becoming more confident every day.]

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