Must Read Alaska and the Reagan Project

During the course of the last month six of my articles have been included in Must Read Alaska, which is the #2 source of news in Alaska, behind only the Anchorage Daily News (and not that far behind). Suzanne Downing created MRAK from nothing, and I admire her greatly. I intend to continue to contribute to MRAK and hope to play a small part in having it overtake the ADN.

Johne Binkley and I served together in the legislature for six years, and I observed him carefully. He had his own agenda, and was very bright, but completely untrustworthy. And not as bright as he thought he was. He now owns the ADN and is contemplating using it as a vehicle to help elect himself Governor. He’d run as a Republican and hope to win Walker and Democrat votes in the runoff.

He’ll only do it if he thinks he’ll win. He ran for Governor in 2006 and was badly beaten by Sarah Palin. He doesn’t want to suffer that humiliation again. We’ll learn of his decision on or before June1st.

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