With Biden, we got what we expected.

That’s the stunning news from the recent Quinipiac poll that had Biden at a 33% approval rating. Here’s the link. A majority or plurality of every demographic — young, old, black Hispanic or white — says he’s performing as they expected.

If this disaster of a Presidency is what people expected, how did he get elected? Because he wasn’t Donald Trump. That’s why people voted for him, even though they knew he wasn’t up to the job. We have Trump to thank for Joe Biden.

I believe more and more Republicans — even those who were all in on Trump — are starting to realize this. And that’s why Trump can’t win the Republican nomination in 2024. If he could lose to Biden in 2020, he could lose to just about any Democrat in 2024.

Beginning in West Virginia on May 10th, a series of primaries across the country will pit Trump Republicans against Republicans who are not aligned with Trump. These are proxy elections, where allegiance to Trump is the defining difference between the candidates.

The last of these primaries will be in Alaska on August 16th, with Trump Republican Kelly Tshibaka challenging the liberal incumbent, Lisa Murkowski. On the merits, Murkowski doesn’t deserve reelection. But she’s got a chance, thanks to Donald Trump.

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