Change or Die

Some are moved to despair at the state of our country, but in fact the fourth revolt against the elites is well and underway.  In 1800 the Jeffersonian Democrats took power from the federalist elites who first ruled.  These gentlemen elites had refused to embrace the Bill of Rights and sought to exclude the common man from the political process. 

In 1860 Lincoln and the Republicans broke the power of the slaving elites, passed the Civil Rights Amendments and began to put into practice the ideals enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. 

In 1932 Franklin Roosevelt defeated the economic elites who had taken the bounty of our wealth and kept it for themselves.

In 2024 Ron DeSantis and the Reform Republicans will defeat the corporate, cultural and media elites who have turned their backs on the basic values of traditional Americans.,

Aside from the Civil War, these political revolutions have proceeded peacefully, and are triumphs of constitutional government.  Their success is the result of the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, who knew that to endure a system of government must be capable of adapting to the evolving needs of society.  They studied the fall of the Romans and others and learned that unless a founding document could be lawfully amended, it was not destined to endure.

The fourth American rebirth is just underway, and we will chronicle it here at the Reagan Project. It will come to fruition with the adoption of the first Artucle V Amendment in history.

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