George Soros and Article V

In 2015 George Soros launched his campaign against Article V. The BBA movement and the Wolf-PAC movement for campaign finance reform had both been motoring along, and he stopped them both. When he stopped the BBA in Montana it was a blow from which we never recovered. Wolf-PAC hasn’t made any progress in eight years.

Any Article V effort will struggle to overcome Soros’ opposition. His method is simple: bribery. He offers money to Democratic legislative leadership PACs. It’s quid pro quo. Kill Article V in your state legislature, and I’ll give you all the campaign donations you want.

Five years ago, in my blog entry of April 2, 2018, I swore we would beat Soros. And we will.

Speaker Mc Carthy and Article V

Kevin McCarthy and colleagues appeared on the Hannity Show this evening, and outlined an ambitious conservative agenda for the next two years. But there was one word I didn’t hear, and one agenda item that was not included. The word was “federalism” and the missing piece of the agenda was Article V.

Forget about any Congress, conservative Republican or not, from touching Article V. It will have to come from the states, and they will have to enforce their constitutional rights in court. If it’s to be done, it needs to be done now. And it needs to start, of all places, in Alaska.

The Day that the Rains Came

It appears that the climate is changing. Babbie and I live in the foothills of the Sierra, at 2700 feet, and we’ve been in a severe drought. That could be changing. Or not. God only knows.

The one constant of mother earth’s climate is that it changes. Always has, and always will. Humanity must adapt or die. We came close to dying around 70,000 years ago, during a global heat wave. A small band of humans managed to survive in a small ecological pocket in Africa. All of us homo sapiens are descended from them.

We’re survivors. By definition, every living thing is a survivor. Thank the Lord you’re alive..