Patriots all over the world

There’s no reason to use a meaningless phrase like “national populist”.  Brexit, the yellow jackets, the East Europeans, the Italians  —  there’s a perfectly adequate word to describe them all.  They’re patriots.  They love their own country. and countrymen, above all others.  They are not citizens of the world, or of Europe.  They are Poles, Hungarians and Danes.  They want their countries to survive, and to be inhabited by their descendants.

This is what the globalists are up against.  Nothing less than human identity.  Who am I?  A patriot responds with the identity of his country.  If you took being American away from me, I would lose part of my soul.  And I am the norm.

Trump, a patriot, understands these things, and that is why he is so confident in victory.

The Ginsburg seat and 2020

As long as Ruth Bader Ginsburg remains on the Supreme Court, President Trump and all conservatives share a common goal.  If she is to be replaced with another Gorsuch/Kavanaugh, Donald Trump must win reelection.  This is as important as the vacant Scalia seat was in 2016, and could be as consequential.  Constitutional conservatives who reluctantly voted for Trump, because of that vacancy, may have been a deciding factor in his election.  They could be again four years later.

Chief Justice Roberts is showing signs of softening.  He appears to be ready to fill the role of The Moderator, recently vacated by Justice Kennedy.  As Justice Thomas has stated, stare decisis should not impede the return of constitutional jurisprudence.  Thomas needs a fifth vote, and Roberts cannot be relied on.  Another justice in the mold of Gorsuch or Kavanaugh would do the trick.  With one more vote, Thomas-Alito-Gorsuch-Kavanaugh can begin restoring the foundations of constitutional liberty.

For the very first time, the 85 year old RBG will miss oral arguments.  Trump tweeted her a “full and speedy recovery.”  For once, we know he was sincere.  If he were to replace her in his first term, he would lose a powerful argument for his reelection.  The health of Justice Ginsburg is one thing that all Americans can agree on.

One can only wonder what Ginsburg would do if Trump were reelected.  Tough it out for four more years, when she’d be 91?  If she did, and succeeded, her seat would be an issue in 2024.

So join me in dedicating a chorus of the Polish version of Happy Birthday  — “Sto lat”, to Justice Ginsburg, “Good luck, good cheer, may you live a hundred years.”



Reconquista no mas

This appears in today’s American Thinker


President Trump was elected to stop the reconquest of southwestern America by Mexicans.  Before we seized it in 1848, this was Mexican territory.  We took it from them through illegal immigration.  First in Texas, then in California, American illegal immigrants squatted on Mexican land.  This made the American wars of conquest de jure.  But, in fact, de facto, this land was going to be American because the American people were going to live on it.  The Mexican government couldn’t keep them out.

Today, if our government can’t keep the Mexicans out, they will eventually reacquire, de facto, what they lost in the 19th century.  Trump’s not going to put up with it.

Make no mistake, we wish Mexico and its people well.  And their future is bright indeed.  Because of rising Chinese labor costs, and President Trump’s efforts at restricting Chinese imports, Mexican manufactures are set to rise dramatically.  Because of the American shale boom, in 2020 we’ll be exporting 6.2 billion cf/d to Mexico.  One of the most difficult hurdles to Mexican industry is unreliable power.  With all this American gas generating electricity, this problem is disappearing.  And the Mexican-American bond tightens.  With its large market and labor pools, Mexico will soon no longer be a junior, but a full partner in the American Alliance.  And that’s the way we want it.

But first we want a wall.  I’m hoping Trump’s speech on Tuesday night make an offer of a deal.  We’ll legalize the Dreamers, but you give us the wall.  Trump’s base needs to understand that these people were never going to be deported.  There are too many of them, and the American people don’t have the stomach for it.  We’re too soft hearted.  So they get to stay, as long as we get the wall.

It’s a deal the Democrats could refuse.  But they would pay a heavy price for it.


A Basket of Delights for President Trump

Some guys have all the luck.  Trump’s one of those guys.  His political good fortune began in 2016 with his Democratic opponent, the most unpopular Presidential candidate of all time.  In 2020 he will be blessed by a Democratic opponent to the left of George McGovern.  He, or she, will be by far the most left wing major political candidate in our history.  It will be Trump’s election to lose.

In addition, Trump has been given a gift that will keep on giving  —  the Democratic Majority Caucus, led by Nancy Pelosi, Mad Maxine Waters, and freshmen Rashida “Impeach the m——–!” Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, who wants a 70% income tax rate to spend on the environment.

It’s not just these four.  There are dozens of Democrats who have been waiting to get back in the majority, and back into power.  They’re all hungry for publicity, and will chase any willow wisp they see.  But it will all be theater, and amount to nothing.

Sublimely above it all, President Trump will go about his business of making America great again.

It’s always good to have a leader who’s lucky.




The Japanese-American bond tightens

The American Thinker posted this piece today.

The north slope of Alaska is loaded with oil.  It’s all over the place.  Look at this map.  There are dozens of oil fields on the north slope.  Prudhoe Bay is just the most famous.

Just to the east of these fields on Alaska’s North Slope is the small part of the misnamed Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that President Trump got Congress  to open to development.  Alaskans have been trying to do this for thirty-five years.  Trump got it done in his first year in office.

If there’s not oil there in quantity I’ll eat my mukluks.  Leasing could begin as early as July.  The oil companies have been waiting for this for years.  They’re ready to get on with it.  But the north slope is a  tough place to do business, and this is going to take a while.  But before too long the Trans Alaska Pipeline will be filled with ANWR oil.

But don’t we already have enough oil for energy independence?  What do we need with all this new ANWR oil?

The answer is ready made, and the residue of pork barrel political pressures.  The best way to transport north slope oil is by land.  It’s much more environmentally friendly, and the route east, and down the McKenzie River valley, leads right to the American market.  That’s where the pipeline should have gone.  But Alaska boomer Wally Hickel was Secretary of the Interior, and Alaskans wanted an all-Alaskan line, for the jobs, and the money.  To hell with the environment.  Hickel didn’t care about it.

So the line ends in Valdez, on Alaska’s southern coast.  From this particular spot on the planet, only one oil destination in the world makes any economic sense:  Japan.

That’s where Prudhoe Bay oil should have gone, except for irrational political pressure.  Sometimes we had ships from Valdez going through the Panama Canal to deliver on the Gulf Coast!  They’d wave at the tankers from Venezuela going the opposite way, headed for Japan.   It was nuts.  We won’t do that again.  ANWR oil will go to Japan, number one.  If there’s some left over maybe South Korea would be number two.  There could be one hell of a lot of oil in ANWR.  And it will flow for a very long time.

With secure American energy, Japan is more firmly than ever in our economic orbit.  Relations with Japan will become even closer.   As it turns out, our two cultures complement one another.  With Japan, and our Anglosphere allies, the American Alliance will rule the waves, and thus the trade, of the world in this century.

This is what President Trump means when he talks of energy dominance.  Trump thinks geopolitically.  He wants Japan as our number one ally in Pacific.  He knows they need oil.  He learned of the oil in ANWR.  He put two and two together and got ANWR opened.

Trump is making things happen in this world, world historical things.  Most Americans haven’t got a clue to what he’s doing.  But he’s doing a masterful job.