The Commonwealth of English Speaking Nations

After Trudeau’s reelection a lot of Albertans and Saskatchewanites want their provinces to leave Canada, but aren’t sure what their options are if they do.  President Trump should offer them membership in a new entity, the Commonwealth of English Speaking Nations.  Australia and New Zealand might join them, if the Commonwealth proves successful.

The prime elements of the CESN are free trade and free travel.  Citizens of Alberta and Saskatchewan would have the same freedom of travel, and freedom to trade, as any resident of any American state.  Travel is one thing.  Immigration is another.  The former Canadians would have no right to become American citizens, and permanently reside here.  And vice versa with Americans going north.

Alberta and Saskatchewan would be free and independent states, with full traditional sovereignty, with their own taxing power and spending power.  On national security, there are no disputes between them and the USA.  They would be asked to contribute to the American military in one way or another.

That would all be subject to the negotiations between the three founding members of the CESN.  They would want some form of monetary union, and would naturally adopt the American dollar as their currency.

Maybe a commonwealth as described above is not the answer.  Some other form of association might be preferred.  But the point is that the relationship between an independent Alberta and Saskatchewan and the United States can be something less than statehood, but something more than a normal relation between nations.

There’s something in a Canadian that doesn’t want to be an American.  But they don’t need to go that far.  To an independent Alberta and Saskatchewan, a lot of options are on the table.

It’s a deal President Trump would love to make.

Fritz Pettyjohn has never met a Canadian who wanted to be an American.

(The foregoing is in today’s American Thinker)

Down and out in California

If you want to see communism and capitalism in action, you look at satellite view of the Korean peninsula at night.  A brightly lit south, and stone cold dark north.

If you want to see the progressive left in action, look at a satellite view of California tonight.  There will some bright urban spots, and a whole lot of blackness.

I guess you have to live here to really appreciate just how loony left California is.  The majority of voters in this state are not just sheep, they are blind sheep.  So nothing will change, and the state will go straight to hell.

The exodus of sane people from California will get stronger.  As they move to other states, they can explain to their new neighbors what they left behind.

Liberalism in action.

Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come

The Germans have had enough of war.  It’s people are so averse to combat and the military that the once mighty German army is something of a joke.  President Trump tries jawboning them into more military spending, but it’s no use.  The German public won’t put up with it.

This is a good thing.  Just 50 years ago satirist Tom Lehrer wrote:

“Once all the Germans were warlike and mean,

But that couldn’t happen again.

We taught them a lesson in 1918.

And they’ve hardly bothered us since then.”

NATO was formed to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.  But we don’t need to worry about the Germans any more.  They’ve become Swedes.

In the 18th century the Dutch, Swedes, Spanish, Danes and Portuguese all suffered crushing military setbacks.  They all just said to hell with it.  Let someone else fight for empires.  We’ll stick to commerce.  This is the same decision the Germans have come to.  A little late, but better late than never.

So if we have to fight the Russians, we can’t rely on the Germans for help.  While Putin may be stupid enough to get in a fight with us, it won’t be yet another land war, with massive armies and tanks and artillery.  We can break the Russians in other ways.

We could lay an embargo on the whole country.  No ships or planes in, or out.  Bomb their oil fields and pipelines.  Cripple them.

NATO is a dead letter.  But we can deter, or defeat, the Russians without it.




The Warriors Among Us

There are sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs, according to Chris Kyle, the American Sniper. He learned that from his dad.  95% of men are sheep.  1% are wolves.  The 4% who keep the wolves at bay are sheepdogs.  Chris Kyle was a sheepdog, ne plus ultra.

Cops are supposed to be sheepdogs, and most of them are.  The American armed forces are loaded with sheepdogs, and they are very, very good at what they do.  They are so good that we need very few of them.  They are part of the Department of Defense, not the Department of War.  And the actual defense of this country, this continent, and this hemisphere doesn’t require a large land force.  The United States Navy, Air Force and Space Force can keep those who would do us harm far, far away.

President Trump is being criticized by some military brass because he refuses to go to war in the Middle East.  These men are true sheepdogs, and there are a lot of wolves loose in that part of the world.  And a lot of innocent sheep.  Their every instinct is to join the fight, and kill the damn wolves.  It’s their profession, their life.  It’s easy to understand their frustration.

But there are sheep and wolves all over the world, and sometimes the sheepdogs lose control, and sheep are killed.  It’s a great tragedy, but life is full of tragedy.  Americans are about 4% of the world’s population.  We simply can’t take responsibility for all that goes on in the world.

Sheepdogs like Chris Kyle are respected by men, and admired by women.  Everybody feels safer when a sheepdog is around.  In this country a lot of sheepdogs carry concealed weapons.  Any man who takes it upon himself to protect others, and to take on the bad guys, has some sheepdog in him.  There are only so many real sheepdogs in any country.  Let’s keep ours here at home.

Fritz Pettyjohn represented a black man named Leroy Hunnicutt in a first degree murder trial in Anchorage, Alaska in 1977.  Leroy was charged with killing Alfonzo Green, a gambler, drug dealer and pimp, on the streets of Fourth Avenue.  The evidence against Leroy was overwhelming, but the judge threw out the case after the prosecution rested.  He knew Leroy was a sheepdog, and Alfonzo was a wolf.