Engage | Engaging is two fold.

First is to follow the Reagan Project blog and stay informed on the daily progress and what needs to be done. Where phone calls need to made, where current lobbying is taking place, what states are being targeted, and what you can do to help.  All the information you need is in this blog.

Second is money.

The Reagan Project is a campaign. A lobbying campaign, a public education campaign, and an organizational campaign.

We travel to State Capitols across the country to lobby for passage of Article V resolutions. We seek, through any means possible, to educate legislators and the public about the urgent need of a Balanced Budget Amendment through Article V. The first Reagan Initiative Summit, scheduled for August in Seattle, is for this purpose. It is also an attempt to begin the organization of the Amendment Convention around the specific content of the Reagan Initiative.

Up to now travel expenses have been paid almost entirely from personal funds. This can’t be sustained. Events such as the Reagan Summit will require tens of thousands of dollars. It may eventually be necessary to launch a media campaign to counter the opposition of the John Birch Society and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, funded by George Soros.

Time is short. As of this date (March 27, 2015) seven more states must pass Article V resolutions. Campaigns are underway in all of them. In the next twelve months we will succeed, or fail.

Your help is needed. Donations in any amount will be appreciated. You can follow what is being done with your contribution by reading the blog on this website, and following our progress.

Article V is the last line of defense of American liberty.

It’s now, or never.



Or, you may write a check to the Reagan Projectand mail it to P.O. Box 100, Standard, CA 95373

NOTE: Donations are not deductible.  We are engaged in political activity, and are not eligible for 501(c) (3) or (4) status.