A white man a brother can relate to

The summer of 1972 I worked the night shift at a food warehouse in Pacoima, in LA’s San Fernando Valley.  There were about 30 guys on my shift, and maybe half a dozen were Anglo.  Most of these strong young men were black or Mexican.  I made it my business to get along with them, and I did.

I hung out with a few of these black guys, me and another white guy named Buck Jump.  We went to the races at Santa Anita, watched the Olympics on TV.  I got to know these guys pretty well.  They weren’t real fond of white people, but if you earned their respect, you could get along with them just fine.

I bring this up because of the whole Iran deal.  If you want to know what it all means, read Peter Zeihan’s latest.

I’m interested in the political fallout, and I’m here to testify that Trump’s approval rating with black men is going to go up.  As far as those black guys I knew are concerned, Trump just killed another white dude.  A foreigner, a punk.  He won’t sacrifice one more American life, white black or brown, to appease those crazy Iranians.

Trump is turning into a white man a brother can respect.

Yang for President

Slippery Joe Biden endures as frontrunner, and has a 35% chance of winning the nomination (538.com).  How can such a weak candidate sustain that position for an entire year?

Not enough people have been paying attention.  Most people aren’t that interested, and haven’t given any thought to the Democratic field..  As long as Slippery Joe can just slide along he’ll keep his lead.  Impeachment alone is a big enough distraction, to say nothing of Iran and China.

But at some point people will pay attention, and then he’ll fold like a two dollar suitcase.  Warren and Sanders are leftist extremists, Democrat versions of Barry Goldwater.  They’ll lose in November, like Goldwater did, big time.

Which leaves who?  That’s what will be decided in the next few months, or, preferably, a lot longer.  The longer, the better.

Bloomberg, Buttigeig , Yang and Klobuchar.  It’s going to be one of the four of them.  I’ve got a Yang bumper sticker on my car.  He’s an Article V man, the only one.  If he started talking about Article V, it would give him a political identity, which he now lacks.

His hats say “SMART”.  Let’s see if he is.


The Big Sort rolls on

Writing in the New Criterion, the always thoughtful James Pierson worries that we may no longer be able to remain one nation.  For at  least 20 years Americans have been sorting themselves out.  Books have been written documenting this fact.

This is all accelerating.  People no longer feel comfortable living among those with whom they disagree. There’s Trump country and there’s NeverTrump country, and they don’t really like each other.

If we intend to remain politically united, the solution is the revival of federalism, and the relative autonomy of the states.  Let California be California, and let South Dakota be South Dakota.

Will the progressive left ever buy into this?  They must if it is to happen.  Much of the left despises the ruling elite in Washington.  Its corruption is alienating all Americans.  If left and right can unite to fight it, we could unite to strip it of much of its power.  That’s the promise of the Coalition to Reform Congress, left and right cooperating to pass reform amendments using Article V.

It’s a big dream.  In 2020 it will either begin to happen, or not.  It seems like a good year to start.  It just seems like it will be a very good year.  The omens are there, if you look for them.

Trump’s Vindication

It’s 4:47 PST, and Trump is delaying his entry at the Battle Creek rally, waiting for the final House vote on his impeachment.  I expect vintage Trump, in a performance that will be his very best.

At the same time, he’s suffering the humiliation of being the fourth impeached President, and he’s firing up the campaign that will his ultimate, and unqualified, vindication.

Looking back, historians will conclude, I believe, that the level of hate against him reveals the size of the challenges he’s facing, and the enormity of what he’s accomplishing.

It’s fascinating to watch all the stars coming into alignment, for an historic landslide.