Hillary Clinton thinks extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

And she’s supposed to be from the more centrist wing of the Democratic party.  Their embrace of extremism will cost them, just as it cost Barry Goldwater in 1964.  The broad middle of the American electorate fears and invariably rejects extremism.  It’s a sentiment as old as the republic.

As the divide between Americans deepens, my hope is that the left will eventually appreciate the virtues of federalism.  We started out as a divided country, slave and free, large states and small states.  The Constitution was created as a political mechanism that relies on a division of power in order to preserve political diversity.

Abortion is a perfect example of how federalism, and diversity, can work.  Once the noxious Roe v. Wade is overturned, California will have abortion on demand.  North Dakota will have the strongest anti-abortion law in the country.

If you cannot accept California’s liberal abortion laws, you can move.  And if a woman in North Dakota wants an abortion, she can go to Minnesota or Illinois.  Her right to travel is guaranteed in the Constitution.  But because the left is in thrall to liberal fascism, they won’t allow the people of North Dakota to write their own law.

I suspect that the left is in for a long losing streak, extending as far as 2028, or beyond.  When they don’t control the federal government and courts for an extended period, perhaps the idea of taking power away from that government might have a strange new appeal.

The part of the Constitution that can’t be amended

The amendment power set forth in Article V of the Constitution is plenary  —   any part can be amended, in any way, with one exception.  One provision of the Constitution was so important to the Framers that they prohibited its amendment.  It’s the equal suffrage of the states in the Senate.

That can only be changed by overthrowing the Constitution.  And that’s what the left really wants.  The liberal majority on the Court has been gradually undermining the Constitution for 80 years.  The Kavanaugh Majority will be about restoring those foundations.  It will be the work of Brett Kavanuagh’s life.

He’s a fortunate man.  He gets to be the difference maker, the decider.  More than that, he’s a leader, and will bring his colleagues with him.  They were all at the White House for his swearing in for a reason.  They like and respect him, and welcome him with open arms.  He will be listened to.

As for those who tried to destroy him?   Let them wallow in their misery.  Living well, and judging well, is the best revenge.


Fight racism: overturn Roe v. Wade

A little over a year ago I predicted the spectacle we’re seeing in the Senate.  The post was called “Scalia 2016, Kennedy 2018 win elections.”  

This farce was easy to see coming.  Roe v. Wade is a religious sacrament to the left, and those who oppose it are blasphemers.  It drives them bat shit crazy.

How can this bizarre witch hunt not hurt the Democrats?  I can’t believe normal American women won’t think of their husbands, fathers and sons.  Are these loved ones  all to be rendered defenseless in the face of slander?

When I was a kid in the 60’s a lot of people thought this country was on its way to becoming majority black.  Black birthrates were so high, and white birth rates were falling.  It was demographic destiny.  This is the kind of thing guys talk about among themselves.  It was almost an accepted fact.

And then in 1973 came Roe v. Wade, just in time to curb the black growth in population, and to stabilize the black population at around 13%.

The abortion movement has always been led by white racists.  They believed in eugenics, and wanted abortion to control the black birth rate.

So when Justice Douglas came up with the idea of a constitutional right to privacy, he had the Minnesota Twins (Republicans Burger and Blackmun) right behind him.  I think they knew what they were doing.  Curbing the black population was more important than in abiding by the Constitution.

But when Kavanaugh is confirmed Roe v. Wade will be on life support.  And this most grievous affront to the Constitution will be discarded and rebuked.

Justice requires that Kavanaugh gets to write the opinion.

No hurry. Give her all the time she needs.

I don’t think Ford will ever testify, but she can’t admit that.  It’s damning.  It makes her look like a total snowflake.  It makes her look like a fool.

So she’ll continue to stall Grassley, hoping to provoke him into a vote.  He’s a fool if he falls for it.  They don’t want her to testify.  They’re not sure they really want to defeat Kavanaugh.  What they want is to say Grassley prevented her from testifying.  That way she’s a martyr, at no risk.  There’s probably a book deal in it for her.   A movie, even.

But she’ll never testify.  She’s terrified of being exposed as a liar and a fool.  Grassley should give her all the time she needs.  Give her a week.  Give her three weeks.   Her excuses for not testifying will wear thin, and maybe people will figure out the game she’s playing.