At long last, the end of the Hickel-Stevens political machine

In 1980 I was chair of the Reagan for President Committee in Alaska.  Frank Murkowski and Native leader Roy Huhndorf were vying for the Republican nomination for U. S. Senate.  I supported Huhndorf, because I thought he’d have a better chance against incumbent Senator Mike Gravel.  Murkowski won the primary, and Gravel lost the Democratic primary to former state legislator Clark Gruening, grandson of Alaska political legend Ernest Gruening, one of Alaska’s original U. S. Senators back in 1959.

Bill McConkey had helped get Republican Governor Jay Hammond get reelected in 1978, and I had worked for him.  He was now Murkowski’s campaign manager, and he asked me to be his deputy on the campaign.  I got $4,000 a month, the only money I ever earned in politics.  I had one assignment.  Do a hit on Clark Gruening.  At the time, Murkowski and Gruening were tied in the polls.

My hit worked like a charm, and Murkowski immediately jumped to a ten point lead in the polls, which was his margin on election day.

I thought I now had a friend in the U. S. Senate.  I’d certainly earned it.  I got the son of a bitch elected.  But I was wrong.  Murkowski quickly turned into Ted Stevens’ lap dog.  And U. S. Senator Ted Stevens hated my guts, from an incident back in ’76, when I was district chairman for Reagan for President.

Frank appointed his daughter to serve out his term because Ted Stevens wanted her as his junior Senator.  He sure as hell didn’t want me.  Lisa wasn’t very bright, but she knew enough to do what Uncle Ted told her.  So Stevens actually had two votes in the Senate.

Ted Stevens was corrupt.  He was in bed with the gang of thieves who looted the North Slope Borough in the early 1980’s.   The judge who presided at their trial, James Fitzgerald,  told me confidentially that Stevens had hamstrung the prosecution.

The career people at the Department of Justice knew about this, and they wanted to nail Stevens.  They wanted to get the corrupt bastard so bad that they abused their prosecutorial power.  They got Stevens convicted, but it was a dirty conviction, and was overturned.

For those who doubt this story, how was it that George W. Bush allowed his Department of Justice to engage in prosecutorial misconduct in pursuing a powerful Republican Senator?  Explain that.  You can’t.

So now, thanks to Kai Binkley Sims, Stevens’ legacy Senator, Lisa Murkowski, will soon be put out to pasture.  The Stevens era is finally over.

When I arrived in Alaska with my wife in 1974 Don Young had just been elected to the U. S. House of Representatives.  I got to know Don, and I liked him.  He’s a good man.  He’s still in office, but the word is that this will be his last term.  If so, whoever wins his seat is the automatic favorite to take out Murkowski in 2022.

I don’t know how tight Young is with John Binkley.  Binkley donates $500 every cycle, and I’m sure Don is friends with the whole Binkley family, who have been prominent in Fairbanks for a very long time.  It could be that John knows Young is retiring, and his daughter Kai will run for the House in 2020, in preparation for a Senate run in 2022.

John’s not returning my call.  We were never friends.  More like rivals.

I feel kind of badly for John.  After Frank humiliated him in 2002 by appointing Lisa, Binkley decided to run against Frank when he went for a second term as Governor in 2006.  Frank was an absolute disaster as Governor, and Binkley beat him in the primary.  Frank only got 19% of the vote, which may be a record.  But Binkley only got 30%.  A perky little beauty from the MatSu got 51%.  Sarah Palin beat Binkley 5-3.  That’s got to be painful.

Kai Binkley Sims was a 25 year old petroleum geologist in Anchorage when her dad ran for governor.  I’m sure she’s a loyal, loving daughter,  and worked to get her father elected.  Losing to Palin had to be hard for the whole family to take.

More motivation for KBS.



Fox News doesn’t like Trump any more, and why

The man who recently assumed control of Fox News, James Murdoch, is a donor to the Clinton Foundation.  His lovely wife, and the mother of his three children, works at the Clinton Climate Institute.  As a result, we have uber-Democrat Donna Brazile as a new star at Fox, weather vane Brett Baier tacking left, and so on.  Fox is no longer the conservative counterpart to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC.  It was five to one.  Now it’s five to none.

Presumably. there are a few conservative billionaires around who have more sense than those morons, the Kochs.  Roger Ailes proved you can make money with a conservative news channel.  That space is wide open again, and I’ll be disappointed if we don’t see some action on this front before the end of the year.

The best book, by far, ever written about a presidential campaign is What it Takes, by Richard Ben Cramer.  Ben Cramer got very close to the whole Biden family in writing this book, and the sections on Biden are among the best.

You’ve got to read it to believe it.  Biden’s a nut.  And a drama queen.  And a lightweight.  The process he went through just to decide if he was going to run in 1988 is agonizing.  He can’t take a decision.  He doesn’t have any confidence in his own judgment.  This is not a man with what it takes to be President of the United States.  He went through the same Hamlet act in 2016, and now he’s at it again.  Anyone who takes Biden as a serious candidate for President is uninformed about this man.

Back when I was planning on running for the United States Senate from Alaska, there was only one guy in Alaska politics who I thought might be able to beat me.  I met him in the state legislature, and got to know him a little.  He was John Binkley, of the Fairbanks Binkleys, a smart guy, and ambitious.  He had more going for him than I did, but I figured I was smarter than he was, and I’d figure it out.

I left Alaska in 2001, because I knew the fix was in for the Murkowski Senate seat.  Frank was going to appoint his daughter Lisa.  There was nothing I could do, politically, at that point, so I took my wife back to her home in California.

Like I said, I’m smarter than Binkley.  He thought Frank might appoint him to the Senate.  He and Frank and their families went way back.  So Binkley interviewed for the appointment, and had to suffer the embarrassment of being told Lisa Murkowski would be a better U. S. Senator than he was.

Binkley was pissed, to say the least, and still is.  But he’s about to get his revenge.  His fabulous daughter, Kai Binkley Sims, is going to take out Lisa in the 2022 primary.  It won’t even be close.  Kai is a pistol, and Lisa is dumber than a stump.

Oh, and by the way, the Binkleys now control what’s left of the old Anchorage Daily News, what used to be the principal newspaper in Alaska.

I’ll be calling John tomorrow to congratulate him.  Revenge is a dish best served cold.


Trump treats blacks with respect

For understandable reasons, American blacks are sensitive to being treated with disrespect.  When I was a young man in the northern California I had quite a bit of personal interaction with all kinds of black people.  In college I even got a couple buddies to go with me deep into the Oakland ghetto to go bar hopping.  Just to see how ordinary black people lived.  A white cop told us to get the hell out of there, after we’d been in one bar.  The bar patrons hadn’t been very friendly, so we took his advice.

But in all the time I lived in interracial California, up to 1974, I never had any kind of problem with black people.  I get along with them just fine.  To this day, at Oakland A games.  I treat them exactly the way I treat everybody else.   With respect, and I think they see that.  That’s the kind of thing blacks pay attention to.

Growing up in New York City, Trump has had a certain amount of exposure to blacks.  He seems to have the typical New York business man’s cosmopolitan view of race  —  tolerance.  New Yorkers are too busy making money to worry about things like race. Racism isn’t good for the bottom line.

Trump wants black votes. and I think he’s going to get them.  From working class black guys, especially those with families.  Trump’s not going to cater to them.  He wants to give them the opportunity to get jobs, good paying jobs.  If a black man wants to work, Trump is his man.

He knows he’s being treated with respect.


We’re not voting for prom king

A moderate can see both sides of an argument.  Moderates are practical, pragmatic people.  They want things to function properly.  In this country, politically. that means they want the economy growing, and improving people’s lives.  If it works, it’s good enough for a moderate.

The left understands all this, and it means they can’t allow the election of 2020 to be about the economy.  It’s got to be about Trump.  The issuance of the Mueller report is just the end of one phase of the resistance.  It continues until election day.  But as Nietzsche said, if it doesn’t destroy me, it makes me stronger.  Trump won’t back down or be bullied.  He was born for this kind of combat.  He’s in his element, in the ring, no holds barred.  He’s the first bold man to be President since Andrew Jackson.


Moderation in the pursuit of social justice is no virtue

The left hates the swamp, almost us much as anyone does.  They know Pelosi and Schumer and the whole crew is totally corrupt.  Bought and paid for by Big Pharma, Wall Street and all the other pigs at the trough.  Except for the AOC Gang, and a few others, they’re as much the enemy as Trump.  They corrupt the Democratic Party, and it must expel them.  Only then can the political movement needed to enact the New Socialism be built.

For someone of AOC’s generation, the election of 2020 is just the beginning.  She’s in it for the long haul, and first business first.  Putting Pelosi and Schumer on the ash heap of history is job one.