The Alpha Male TV Network

Trump has spent the better part of his life, if not all of it, demonstrating that he is the alpha male, the silver back, the top wolf in the pack, the one that gets all the females.  It’s his brand, his identity.  Maintaining his status gives meaning to his life, and makes him a star.

This explains last night, and the whole campaign.  Alpha males don’t do humility.  That’s for the omegas.  When he was describing his Supreme Court picks, he was deferring to them, and to all the conservatives who demanded this loyalty test.  He really doesn’t care about the Constitution, or the intent of the Founding Fathers.  He was just doing what he needed to do, and it may have grated on him.  That’s not how alpha males act.

So when he was asked about accepting defeat, if it came, he couldn’t do the normal, sensible thing, and agree to bow to the will of the people.  He had to be the alpha man, and tell everyone he’d let them know down the road.  A tone of defiance, of refusal to ever give up.

He probably knew it wasn’t smart politics, but he’ll be out of the politics business soon, and back to being a star.  He and Bannon will create a new news network, with Roger Ailes helping out.  Some Fox News talent may sign on, and there are plenty of people who would like to get a piece of the action.  “Saturday Night With Dr. Ben Carson”  may be coming to a TV screen near you.

This network will have Trump as its leading man, and his image, his brand, must be maintained and elevated at all costs.  If it means Clinton wins the Presidency, so what?  The next four years are going to be a mess, no matter who’s President.  His audience is the 35% of the population who believe in him, and hate Clinton, and he’ll use that belief and that hatred to get and keep an audience that will make him a lot richer than he already is.  And all the while, the constant stoking of his ego.

As I believe I’ve pointed out, a complete sociopath.

As Derek Hunter of Townhall points out, the system is most certainly rigged.  About 15 years ago Evan Thomas of Newsweek admitted publicly that the media advantage for the Democrats was worth about 15 points.  The only way you overcome a disadvantage that big is with a political landslide, which is what I hope we see in 2020.

Actually, to give the devil his due, the new Trump Network may help.  Pence is my man, why isn’t he theirs?

Off to Bozeman on Saturday, and a Monday meeting with our man in Montana, Rep. Matthew Monforton.  In the spring of 2014 the Reagan Project, with the support of the National Tax Limitation Committee, sent letters to every Republican candidate running in a Montana Legislative primary.  There must have been 150 of them.  We got one reply, from Matthew.  He was the only one of these candidates who understood what the letter was about, which was Article V.

These people need a lot of education.


This too shall pass

How bad do things have to get before we’ve finally had enough?   In 2012, after four years of Obama, I thought the time had come, but I was wrong.  This year was it, though, for sure, or so I thought.  Then came Trump.  Wrong again.  Now I’m saying it will be 2020, and maybe the third time is the charm.

Romney was the wrong candidate four years ago.  Because of pushing RomneyCare in Massachusetts as its Governor, he was disqualified from attacking Obamacare.  That issue could have won him the election, but he was the one Republican who couldn’t use it.

Because, and only because, of Donald Trump we’re going to lose again.  The next four years were going to be a tough slog no matter what, with a lot of painful choices.  But now those choices won’t be made at all.  We’ll kick the can down the road for four more years.  Entitlements and the national, state, and municipal debt and pension obligations are ticking time bombs.  I don’t know when they go off, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t in the next four years.  I just have the feeling that things are going to start falling apart.

Clinton and the Democrats will get the blame, and pay the price.  The wave of 2020 has to be so big that even the media can’t stop it.  Babbie has made me promise to stop making predictions, so I’ll leave it there.  But I feel it coming already.

And I keep waiting to have someone show me why our candidate is not Mike Pence.  What’s he done wrong?  Who’s mad at him?  He’s a normal and decent man, and I’m sure was as appalled at Trump’s behavior as I was.  But he had to suck it up, and carry on.  And I really don’t think he did it for himself.  I think there’s some genuine humility in :Pence.  I looked him square in the eye in Carson City, and I saw the true Mike Pence.  He’s the real deal.

I hope he and Kellyanne Conway stay together after the election.  They’ll need to set up a 501(c) (4) to raise funds.  Pence needs some income, and he can earn it through his chairmanship of this group.  He doesn’t need a lot of money.  He’s never had a lot of money, and he doesn’t need much now.  Enough to live on, and help pay off his kids’ college loans.  He ought to get a fat book contract as well.  He’s got a story to tell.  The revenue from the book will be more money than he’s ever seen in his life.

So what’s the purpose of his new group?  What’s he going to be working on?  Well, there’as this little thing called Article V.  Pence is a Hoosier, and for some reason Indiana has been a hotbed of Article V activity.  This is probably due to the work of State Senate President David Long.  For the last four years Long and Pence have worked together in the Indiana Legislature.  They probably trust each other.  After the election maybe David and Mike ought to get together and talk about the national emergency cord known as Article V.

To all of you watching the debate tonight, my hat’s off to you.  You’ve got stronger stomachs than I have.  I taped game five of the Toronto-Cleveland game, and I’ll be rooting for the Indians.

Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots

The coming coronation of Hillary Clinton will be hard to take.  It almost makes you physically ill.  But it won’t kill us, so it will make us stronger.

On WADR I happened to catch clips of Senators Rubio, Portman and Toomey from their recent Senate campaign debates.  I like all of these guys, especially Marco the Natural.  What a gift he has.  He’s plenty smart enough, he just needs some seasoning.  But they were all good, and as they distanced themselves from the Sociopath they were sending a subtle message.  If Clinton wins, you’re going to want me in the Senate to hold her to account.  This message works, and I think the R’s can hold the Senate with it.

Watching these three guys was kind of inspirational.  They know the storms ahead, but they’re going to try and help the country through the next difficult four years.  Good on ’em.  This is not the time to shrink from the service of your country.  The Trump people should follow their example.  Your candidate didn’t win, but wasn’t his campaign supposed to be about something bigger than just him?  It was America first, last, and always.  There are other people besides Donald Trump who can sing that song.

It was on WADR a couple months ago that I first heard Donny Deutsch say that what Trump was doing was setting himself up to start a new television network.  I laughed it off.   That’s crazy.  Well, maybe not.  It does explain his recent behavior.  And then I ran across this piece by a blogger named Ann Barnhardt.  She argues, very persuasively, that this entire campaign has been about building the Trump brand.  It has the ring of truth about it.  Well, he’s pulling it off, and as far as Clinton in the White House goes, what does he care?  She’ll help him build his network, as he stokes the fires against her.

It’s hard not to get pissed off at this election, but the people of this country are going to get what they voted for, good and hard.  Maybe the next time they’ll pay more attention.

I’ll be in Montana next week, and I’ll have a chance to take a look at the Governor’s race.  It’s close, with Bullock over Gianforte by two, according to one poll.  This will be two weeks before the election, so it should be interesting.  Maybe I can figure out a way to help.  We want to make another run at Montana, and having the Governor in our corner will be an asset.

Looking for the Son of Deep Throat

In 1973 Mark Felt was the number two man at the FBI, and, using the name “Deep Throat”, he leaked the dirt on Watergate to the WaPo.  Nixon had used the FBI to subvert justice, and Felt wasn’t going to let him get away with it.  If he has a political descendant, the administration of Hillary Clinton could be a short one.  She’s dirty, the FBI knows it, covered it up, and I’d wager a lot of agents are angry about it.  Julian Assange is waiting.  We will see.

I occasionally have the stomach to read a Krugman article in the NYT, and a few days ago he outlined the Clinton Agenda.  It’s pretty exciting, and bound to succeed.  He thinks she should spend more on social programs and infrastructure.  That’s it.  That’s the plan.  Why didn’t I think of that?  It’s brilliant.  Clinton has no agenda and no plan.  She’s Obama’s third term, and he’s as clueless as she is.  No legislation of any significance will be passed.  She’ll use the veto and executive orders, and issue a lot of regulations, but she won’t really accomplish anything.  She’s drunk the climate change moonshine, and will do far more harm to the economy than good.  Off the top of my head I can’t think of one thing she would do that would help economic growth.

The economy suffers from a lack of animal spirits.  More small businesses are closing than opening.  The market is stalled, and will probably nose dive if the Fed hikes rates, as it almost surely will.  When the 2018 midterms roll around, the economy won’t help the party in power, the Democrats.

Race relations in this country are bad, and seem to be getting worse.  The police are afraid to do their job, and crime is on the rise.  It would be surprising if we don’t see more inner city riots.  All it takes is one questionable police shooting.  There seems to be an increase in random violence by blacks against whites.  It’s a dangerous situation.  It’s been, what, a month since a terror attack in this country?   They were coming once a week there for a while.  Maybe these jihadis aren’t so stupid.  They were helping elect Trump, and they’re taking a time out.  After the election they’ll be back at it.  Not good for the administration in power.

I suppose the MSM doesn’t cover it much, but there is madness loose on college campuses.  Lunacy.  It just gets worse.  Normal people, conservative or liberal, look at all this stuff and shake their head.  But Clinton could never criticize them.  They’re her crowd, and she’s complicit in all their antics.  Ditto for the LGBT gang.  The whole thing is crazy, but Clinton has to cheer it on.

Illegal immigration will be encouraged by Clinton, but there may not be a wave of it.  The economy is, and will remain, too weak.  But her refusal to enforce the law will catch up to her.  And the refugees that she wants to bring to this country will have jihadists among them, and if that were exposed, and she’d be toast.

Lord knows what she’ll do overseas, but if past is prologue she’ll screw it up.  I could go on, and on, but I hope you get my drift.   All this crap is just about to hit the fan, and she’ll be standing in front of it when it hits.  As the Democratic President, she, and her party, will  bear the political responsibility.  And you’re telling me that demographics are going to get her reelected?

What a waste this year has been.  All the political events of the past two years have led up to this, the climax.  But there is none, just a balloon deflating.

But the BBA Task Force steamed all the way up to 28 States, so it wasn’t completely wasted.  And the terrain ahead looks clear.  Article V is the way to go.

Some things are more important than the Supreme Court

One of them is the power of the purse.  Article I of the Constitution bestows that power on Congress, and, more specifically, the House of Representatives.  “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…”   The President, or the Senate, or the Supreme Court, does not have this power.  Our mother country, Great Britain, went through a century of war, regicide, and revolution in order to establish this principle.  The precursor to our Revolution was Britain’s Glorious Revolution of 1688.  The Framers understood all this as well as anyone.  Every word, every phrase, in the Constitution is there for a reason.

Senator Mitch McConnell, after the midterms of 2014 made him the Majority Leader, immediately announced that, on behalf of Congress, he would surrender the power of the purse to President Obama.  This was necessary, in his view, in order to avoid the political damage Republicans would suffer in the event of a government shutdown.  In essence, he emasculated himself, and the result has been two years of a neutered Congress.  When McConnell unmanned himself, and the Congress, House Speaker Boehner went along meekly.

All signs point to a continuing Republican House Majority.  The NBC News poll shows Clinton up by eleven,  but the generic Congressional ballot only gives the D’s a two point margin, well within the range of a Republican majority.  This dovetails with the fact that Republican candidates for the Senate are far outperforming Trump.  The chances are improving that we’ll hold the Senate.  People understand that the Clinton criminal family will be moving back into the White House, and they want their power diminished.

Trump should do well enough in tomorrow’s debate to avoid losing in a landslide, or so it appears.  The prospect of a Clinton Presidency has a lot of people scared, and they’re holding their noses and voting for the Sociopath.  This debate is Trump’s to lose, and I don’t expect him to.  A lot of sociopaths have political skills, and he’s one of them.  And you don’t need a great deal of skill to demonstrate that the idea of electing this woman President is absurd.  Which it is, except for who she’s running against.

Paul Ryan said recently that he wants to use a Continuing Resolution, or a budget Reconciliation bill, in order to repeal Obamacare, making it not subject to filibuster.  But what if Clinton is President, and vetoes it?  Will he cave?  Or will he fight?

I think he might fight.  If the Republicans have maintained a majority in  both House and Senate, they’ll have just as much of a mandate as Clinton.  More, really.  Clinton will only have won because of Trump, and the Congressional Republicans will have won in spite of him.  Who has the mandate to govern?  Who has the Constitutional obligation to govern?  Who has the will to fight?

If he fights, and wins, he’ll set up a midterm wave election for the Republicans.  And 2020 will  be setting up quite nicely.

To the extent that Clinton gets a political honeymoon, it’ll be over by the end of summer, say late August.  So when we all get together for the Great American Eclipse of August 21st we can all sing, “The Witch is dead.”

Like millions of normal Americans, I’ll miss Wednesday’s debate.  I’m an Oakland A’s fan, and we always trade away our good players, and I get to root for them in the playoffs.  One of our favorites is Coco Crisp, and he’s now an Indian.  I’ll be watching baseball.  Go Tribe.