No hurry. Give her all the time she needs.

I don’t think Ford will ever testify, but she can’t admit that.  It’s damning.  It makes her look like a total snowflake.  It makes her look like a fool.

So she’ll continue to stall Grassley, hoping to provoke him into a vote.  He’s a fool if he falls for it.  They don’t want her to testify.  They’re not sure they really want to defeat Kavanaugh.  What they want is to say Grassley prevented her from testifying.  That way she’s a martyr, at no risk.  There’s probably a book deal in it for her.   A movie, even.

But she’ll never testify.  She’s terrified of being exposed as a liar and a fool.  Grassley should give her all the time she needs.  Give her a week.  Give her three weeks.   Her excuses for not testifying will wear thin, and maybe people will figure out the game she’s playing.

The Salem Witch Hunt revisited

Back in New Salem in 1692 they persecuted those who they thought were possessed by Satan.  Today we attack men, because of the inner rapist in all of them.  Because while there are men who can control their innate, savage sexual aggression, any man is capable of succumbing, at any time.

As in New Salem, normal legal principles do not apply.  But back in 17th Century Massachusetts, even then,  they did allow the accused the right to confront the witnesses against them.  It’s an ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition, incorporated in our Sixth Amendment.  If some one accuses you of something, they have to do it to your face.  If you aren’t willing to face the person you accuse, your accusation rings hollow.   Dr. Ford’s unwillingness to face Kavanaugh is a tell.  She’s really not sure about her own story.

This is all lunacy, and we can count on the media to drive this story all the way to election day.  Confirming Kavanaugh could cost the Republicans some Senate seats.  Because he’s such a fine man, he’ll get confirmed.  But politically, it would be best if he lost.  But nobody’s that cynical.

I get the sense that President Trump has weathered a storm.  Because he deals from overwhelming strength (that of his country), and because he is resolute, he’s winning.  He’s in his element, and in his prime.  It’s as though we’ve reached the end of the beginning.  The best is yet ahead for Donald J. Trump.

Back when I was young, we said a man like Trump had heart.

Make impossible demands, cry foul when they’re denied

Dr. Ford’s memory of her sexual assault is so hazy and incomplete, it cannot possibly withstand a public examination.  She’d embarrass herself, she knows it, and she will never testify.

So as she sets conditions for her agreement to speak, understand that her demands are designed to be unreasonable.  She wants to be a victim, not just of Kavanaugh, but of the Republicans.

So when the dust settles, and Kavanaugh is confirmed, the Democrats will have a new rallying cry  — I believe Christine!  Republicans have put a sexual predator on the Supreme Court!

I think middle America is appalled at the entire spectacle, and will blame the Senate Democrats, to their cost.

What do Democratic Senators Tester, Manchin and Donnelly do?  They voted for Gorsuch.  Kavanaugh is another Gorsuch, except for the Dr. Ford allegations.  If they vote against Kavanaugh, they piss off the NRA, plus a lot of people who think Kavanaugh was smeared.  If they vote for Kavanaugh, they anger a part of their base.

I say they vote yes, and he’s confirmed 55-45.

The masturbation of the Democrats

Like cornered rats, American leftists snarl and shriek, struggling hopelessly til the end.  It is all for naught.  There is a tide in the affairs of men, and it has turned, back to the ordered liberty of the United States Constitution.

Judge Kavanaugh is an avatar of constitutional conservatism, but he does not stand alone.  There are dozens of him in the pipeline, and his defeat would mean nothing.  Before this Senate adjourns sine die, a replacement of Justice Kennedy will be confirmed.

From a strictly political perspective, the Democrats are jacking off.  If they defeat Kavanaugh every Republican running for the Senate has an issue  —  vote for me if you believe in the Constitution, and judicial conservatism.  The Supreme Court will hang in the balance.  This is is the issue that elected Trump.  It could certainly elect Matt Rosendale in Montana.  The NRA will see to that.  The 2nd Amendment would be at stake.

The House may certainly flip to the D’s, but that would be in spite of their agenda.  America, politically, is a middle nation, leery of extremes.  Presidents typically lose seats in the off year because the American people want to tap the brakes.  They don’t want to go too far in any one direction.  They want an opposition to the power being exercised by the President, but not necessarily because of where he’s headed.  They just want to slow down.

If the D’s do take the House, they won’t just oppose, they’ll obstruct.  It would be a maddening two years for President Trump.  He can run against Congress in 2020, but one issue will require more than that.  The deficit, and the national debt, won’t be addressed by a new Republican Congressional majority in 2020.  They’ve been in complete control for almost two years now, and the problem is worse than ever.

The only way to solve that problem is with Article V, and the only way Article V will ever be used is with Presidential leadership.  No President in our history has exercised the leadership needed for a successful Article V movement.

Heading in to the 2020 election, President Trump can use Article V in a campaign against Congress.  Not just the Democrats in Congress.  Congress, period, all of it, all of them.

Nobody likes Congress.  But only Article V can tame it.  And only a President can make Article V work.

No more Jesuits in the DoJ

The Department of Justice is more than a brotherhood, it’s a religious order.  It’s an elite, governmental Society of Jesus  —  the Jesuits.  And the priests of DoJ are righteous in their faith, and glory in their righteousness.

Very few are able to discard their Jesuit DoJ training.  Jeff Sessions left DoJ 25 years ago, and now he’s the head of the order.  He was the U. S. Attorney for Southern Alabama for 12 years, and he’ll be a DoJ man until he dies.  He can’t rein in Mueller or Rosenstein  —  they’re his fellow Jesuits.

Even Rudy Gluiliani is too deferential to the Jesuits.  He was one himself, and it’s hard to shake.  Joe DiGenova is a former Jesuit, and he’s the only one who seems to have rejected it.  We need someone like DiGenova as the next AG.  Joe can’t do it, but he knows someone who could.  Like an Attorney General.

There are 27 Republican State Attorneys General.  One of them is right for the job.  It’s a big one.  And is there any better way to assault the Deep State than with an AG who’s smart, and hungry and fearless?