An election about a wall

In an act of political genius, President Trump has made his reelection a referendum on the wall, on  border security, on law and order.  2016 was about many things, but 2020 will be all about the wall.  The Democrats are being extremists, and they’re going to pay the price.

Less than a year ago, 44 of 47 Senate Democrats voted to give Trump the money for the wall, in exchange for a form of amnesty for the Dreamers.  Kamala Harris was not one of those 44, and she isn’t going to let anyone forget it.  It’s her ticket to the nomination.  Those 44 Democrats were being reasonable, and that’s not allowed.  The hatred of Trump is so intense that any compromise with him is out of bounds.

My God, think of it.  Democratic nominee Kamala Harris trying to appeal to middle America by telling it it can’t control its border.  It will be painful.

If Trump declares an emergency tomorrow, and finds funding for the wall, he will set off a court fight that will last up to a year.  That whole time the issue of the wall will  be a hot topic.  I suspect he’d prevail in the Supreme Court, but even if he loses he’s still got the issue to campaign on.

I suspect he’ll also be issuing pink slips to unnecessary federal employees.  Starting Monday, the 30 day mark of the shutdown, he’ll have the authority to issue orders for Reductions in Force.  Maybe this will bring Pelosi to the table  —  watching all those worthless bureaucrats taken off the federal tit.

Trump could have provoked a shutdown over the wall a year ago.  He waited, and sure enough hare-brained Nancy is the Speaker, and he has the ideal foil.  His timing was perfect.


China and the the Democrats

The Chinese stock market has been in a straight decline for a year, losing almost 30% of its value.   Our market is down 7% for the year, and is showing signs of a rebound.  Even in the face of annual trillion dollar deficits, our economy remains sound.  Strong growth, low inflation and  rising wages strengthen Trump’s hand against the Chinese.  He holds the high cards.  They’ve got to fold.

The silence of the Democrats on this issue is deafening.  Because Trump has gotten under their skin, they can’t even agree with him on China.  And when he does the deal, and this country reaps the benefits, he’ll get all the credit.

Just one more reason he’ll be reelected.

The calm confidence of a Christian with four aces*

Trump’s aces are peace, prosperity, border security and his Democratic opponent.  He doesn’t have a lock on reelection because a straight flush beats four of a kind.  But in 2016 he was drawing to an inside straight, and still won.

Back then his opponent’s best argument was that she wasn’t Donald Trump.  In 2020 the Democrat will have the issues of white male privilege, soft socialism, and I’m-not-Trump.   Not good enough.

It looks like Sen. Kamala Harris has the best chance for the nomination.  Nate Silver seems to believe so.  Blacks vote for their own, and she’s just as smart and smooth as Obama.  But she’s no straight flush, and Trump’s aces should beat her.

*Hat tip:  Mark Twain

The Peasant’s Revolt

The Trump rebellion is, in large part, the revolt of the country against the city.  The men and women of rural America, who produce its material wealth, are rising up against the urban ruling elite.  There are many similarities with Wat Tyler’s Rebellion of 1381 (aka the Peasant’s Revolt, and the Great Rising).  It was a tax rebellion.  The country was being bled dry by the city of London, in order to finance its pointless wars in France.

Wat Tyler was, as far as we know, a common workman, and he paid with his life for his rebellion.  But things have changed, and we’re in a different time and place.  Still, it  really is, the country rebelling against the city.  But now we have the internet.

And, with all his warts, we’ve got Donald Trump.

The Smart Money is on America, and Trump

Forget the polls.  Look at the future.  Look at the next two years.  When Trump asks voters for a second term, he’ll point out what he’s done in his first.

The economy.    There are historical and geopolitical forces in play which are driving capital to the United States.  As Europe unravels, the middle east goes to war, and as China weakens under the weight of American pressure, America is the safe haven of the world.  That’s why Chinese spend a fortune to give their children American birthright citizenship.  If you’ve got serious money, you want a lot of it safely in the USA.  This inflow of capital is taming inflation, which allows deficit spending, and it ends up producing wealth.  Our GDP will continue to expand at a solid rate, American industry revives, full employment continues, and wages rise for the working man and woman.

Foreign affairs.   Trump will not lead this country into war.  He will run as a peace President.  We’ll be well out of Afghanistan, and drawn down in Iraq, and American casualties will be a rarity.  We are asserting ourselves economically around the world, no longer willing to be taken advantage of.  The new trade relationships Trump is establishing will all redound to the benefit of the American worker.

Presidents who produce peace and prosperity get reelected.  Trump has a third plank  —  security.  The wall.

The Democrats are a coalition of the discontented, aligned with their champions, the ruling elite.  The energy in the party is from those who despise their own heritage.  They’re ashamed to be Americans.  Since we stole this country, we have no right to keep others out.  These self hating extremists are the tail that is wagging the Democratic dog.

So it is that the Democrats have become the party that is against border security.  They are handing Donald Trump his reelection on a platter.

Trump has been wily enough to use his faults to his advantage.  He makes his outrageous, abusive behavior work for him.  It  provokes his opponents into unreasoning hatred.  They don’t care if what he wants makes any sense.  It he’s for it, they’re against it.

With peace, prosperity, and security, Trump can’t be beat.