The Sino-American Concord

[This appears in today’s American Thinker.]

During the course of his remaining 5 and a half years in office, President Trump will come to an understanding with China.  Trade will only be a part of it.  It will establish a concord, or state of agreement, between the two most powerful nations in the world.  It will result in a peaceful 21st century.

He’ll cut the part on trade some time between now and the election fifteen months from now.  He’ll time it so that he receives the maximum political benefit.  It will ignite the markets, and the economy will assure him of reelection.

The sticking point of any deal with China is enforcement.  They’re not good for their word.  So Trump has thus far insisted that terms of the deal must be written into Chinese law.  But President Xi has been unable to deliver.  His power is limited.

At some point, Trump will relent on enforcement, and the deal is cut.  After all the laws of a communist government aren’t worth the paper they’re written on anyway.  The only real enforcement of a trade deal with China is going to be American retaliation when the Chinese cheat.  Trump knows retaliation.

Also, any trade deal between the two most powerful economies in the world comes with an expiration date.  Regardless of its terms, it will only remain in effect as long as both countries remain satisfied with it.  So whatever concessions Trump must make to get a deal are only temporary in nature.

It’s the deal of the century.  And Donald John Trump was born to make it.


“The Old White Man’s Last Hurrah”

That was the title of a Feb. 29, 2016 article in Time magazine, an article promoted on the cover.  When I saw it I thought “Don’t you wish.”  Columnist Sally Kohn saw the old white guys at Trump rallies, and she figured this was their last, futile effort at saving themselves.  Whoops!

Here we are three and a half years later and us old white guys seem to be hanging in there.  Patriotic old white guys are pretty much in charge of our government, from Trump on down.  They are largely people Trump knows and trusts.

People like Ms Kohn don’t like me, or people who look like me.  She apparently has a lot of company.   Isn’t that racism??


Go Tulsi, go!

Tulsi Gabbard is way better looking than anyone who has ever run for President.  I have always admired and appreciated feminine beauty, so I just donated to her campaign.

If you’re not into lookism, there are other reasons to donate.  She nailed Kamala Harris on her phony legal record, and she did it with poise and flair.  Women can do that to other women.  God help you if you’re a man and try it.  And since Tulsi is non-white (Somoan, to be precise)  she can do it to “people of color” and get away with it.

Tulsi is also an American patriot, the first female combat veteran to run for President.

So we want her directing her barbs at all the other frauds and lunatics in the Democratic primary.  Attacking Harris was a breakthrough moment for her, and she’s sure to turn her scorn on some other phony on the stage.

If she gets the chance.  In order to qualify for the next debate, she’ll need donors, and lots of them.  I donated $3, and may do it again.

Here’s the link to her website,

You’ll get your money’s worth if she qualifies.


The fingerspitzengefuhl of Donald Trump

Since European whites have ruled the world for the last 600 years, they are responsible for six centuries of war, conquest, rape, genocide and slavery.  There’s a lot to feel guilty about.  Progressive whites feel that guilt intensely, and they demand that all whites join them, take responsibility, and make amends.  Allowing mass immigration from non-whites, with the goal of a majority-minority nation, is the best way to atone.

If you’re white, and proud of your country, despite its sins, you’re called a racist.  You’re told that you’ll soon be a minority in your own country, and then you’ll be stripped of all your white privilege.

Long before Donald Trump, people were voting white, that is, as a racial bloc.  The states of the deep south has always had one, dominant, white party.  For the last 50 years it’s been the Republicans.  More recently, border states like TN, KY and MO have seen the Republicans emerge as the de facto white party.  We are now witnessing the phenomenon spread north, accounting for Trump’s wins in PA, WI and MI.  Minnesota could be the next in 2020.

This is completely predictable from a political science perspective.  As whites begin to lose their majority, they band together in self interest.  It is natural for political minorities to vote as a bloc.  It’s entirely unremarkable, except that whites are now playing the game as well.

Trump saw this coming, and is using it to his advantage.  He has political fingerspitzengefuhl, a touch, a feel, an instinct for politics.  It’s a form of political or military genius, and Trump has it in spades.

He’ll win, big time, in 2020, because the Democrats aren’t just undermining American whites with their immigration obsession.  They’re hurting all Americans, of every color and nationality.  If you’re a black American, or a Mexican-American, or an Asian-American, mass immigration isn’t good for you.

The D’s have forgotten that many blacks, Latinos and Asians are also Americans, and, to the extent they identify as such, they will oppose the subversion of their country, and vote for a President who brings prosperity and peace.

Trump, Johnson and the American Commonwealth: the Anglosphere plus Japan

The next British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is going to make history as no Brit since Churchill has.  He’ll complete Brexit, and sign a free trade agreement with the U.S. that will bind the two nations as never before.  Then he and President Trump will economically and socially integrate with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Japan.  It will be the core of a new world order for the rest of the 21st century.

The Anglosphere was never enough.  For geopolitical reasons, Japan must be a founding member of the Commonwealth.  No strategy for dealing with China can do without Japan.  As a maritime nation, Japan fits in nicely with the English speaking countries.  And for cultural and religious reasons the state of Israel must be included as well.  The holy places of Christendom must be protected.

Other nations can be allies and associates of the Commonwealth.  The entire western hemisphere is naturally a part of this new world order.  India, South Korea, Vietnam, and other non-Moslem countries will also be welcome.  Islamic states, with their authoritarianism, misogyny, and aggression, will not be.

Donald Trump is a confirmed Anglophile.  His Scottish mother saw to that.  Joining with the UK to create the Commonwealth will give him great satisfaction. and secure his place in history.   In his second term he can host a summit meeting of the leaders of the Commonwealth, and memorialize its founding.

These are my predictions.  The next few years will bear them out, or not.  It will be fun to watch.  I call the resulting combination of nations the American Commonwealth, but if that name offends the nationalist sentiments of other members it can be called something else.  In a nod to Orwell, it could be the Commonwealth of Oceania.